Our enhanced digital edition of Linux Journal is an interactive, online digital edition of the magazine best read on your PC or Mac. When reading it, you'll most enjoy the same, familiar experience as thumbing through a print magazine, dwelling over stories and following the flow of the magazine's layout.

Beginning in September 2011, Linux Journal began offering an enhanced digital edition. All paid Linux Journal subscribers may have access to the enhanced digital edition as a part of their regular subscription (a no-fee upgrade is required, please see below).

Enhanced Digital Edition FAQ

Q. As a subscriber I am currently just getting a plain PDF delivered to me. How do I get the enhanced digital edition instead/also?

A. Easy. Send a quick e-mail to gm@linuxjournal.com with your contact info and we'll get you upgraded right away. There is no fee for the upgrade and you will continue to have access to the plain PDF edition every month also (as well as all other formats available). 

Q. Do I need to be upgrade to the enhanced digital edition to get access to Linux Journal's EPUB, Kindle, PDF, Android app, etc. formats?

A. No. All paid subscribers receive access to all digital formats.

Q. I'm an upgraded subscriber. Now where do I access the enhanced digital edition?

A. http://www.linuxjournaldigital.com (you'll need to login).

Q. Can I read my enhanced digital edition off-line?

A. Yes. You can download a single page or the entire magazine as a PDF and conveniently take it with you.

Q. Can I print pages from the enhanced digital edition?

A. Yes. You can print any pages you want.

Q. Can I read the enhanced digital edition on my mobile device?

A. Yes. As the enhanced digital edition is online, you can use any web browser to access your subscription and read your magazines. However if you're reading Linux Journal on your mobile device, we recommend downloading our Android app, Kindle, or EPUB editions if your device(s) support those formats (paid subscribers have access to all).

Q. Are back issues of Linux Journal available as the enhanced digital edition?

A. The enhanced digital edition format of the magazine is only available for the September 2011 issue on forward. However, as a subscriber you may access our PDF back issue library at any time.

Q. Can I buy single issues of Linux Journal in the enhanced digital edition format?

A. No. Only subscribers have access to this particular edition.

Q. Can I see a sample of the enhanced digital edition of the magazine before buying/upgrading?

A. Yes. We invite you to sample our September 2011 issue free of charge.

Q. I have an enhanced digital edition-related question not answered here. Can you help me?

A. Yes! Please e-mail us your question and we'll do our best to get you an answer. If it's a commonly asked question, we'll also post it here.