Here is the project.

SCOPE: Setup a basic Linux server (CentOS or other approved distribution of Linux) running basic e-mail server software such as zimbra to act as an SMTP relay server between our CRM server and our customers, dealers, prospects and leads.

PROVIDED INFORMATION: Currently sending out a batch of 5,000 e-mails at about 20KB per e-mail several times a month. The scale of the blasts could be increased to as much as 100,000 e-mails per batch with no larger than 500KB per e-mail.

HARDWARE: Need a list of requirements for the following:

- # of Processors and speed of each
- Amount of memory needed
- Amount of storage space needed

PROPOSED SOLUTION: Set up a virtual server in our current VMware environment that will run the Linux OS and the e-mail server software. Expand International of America, Inc. would provide the host machine and grant access to set up the virtual server as needed.

REQUIREMENTS: Written proposal with the following included:

- Hardware requirements
- Software to be used
- Proposed number of hours required to perform the project
- Hourly rate or total price for the project
- Training for basic troubleshooting, location of log files, backup, and maintenance
- Other as needed.

This should cover it.

Let me know.

Thank you.