Packt is pleased to announce a new book on the Zenoss, the Open Source network monitoring system. Written by Michael Badger, Zenoss Core Network and System Monitoring will teach users to configure Zenoss Core via an easy to use web interface.

Zenoss is an enterprise network and systems management application written in Python/Zope that provides an integrated product for monitoring availability, performance, events and configuration across layers and across platforms. Zenoss provides an AJAX-enabled web interface that allows system administrators to monitor availability, inventory/configuration, performance, and events.

This book will teach users to adapt and work with Zenoss to monitor Systems and Networks. System administrators, network engineers, and security analysts will learn how to keep a track of network traffic. Through this book users will learn to analyze network security audits, debug network configurations, and usage patterns which all require network traffic monitoring.

Users will also learn to administer Zenoss Core and perform backups and updates; extend Zenoss Core with ZenPacks, Nagios plugins, and command line utilities and build an inventory of their network using Zenoss Core. Apart from individual users, this book also helps small and large organizations to collect data, monitor, and report on their IT assets.

The book is out now and is available from Packt. For more information, please visit