Stop! Before you run off and write YACPORA (Yet Another C, PHP/Perl/Python, Or Ruby Article), let's try something a little different, something to broaden our horizons.

A few ideas:

  • Java - It's not new and it's not that different, but it is fairly new to open source and since Eclipse won the Reader's Choice award for Favorite Linux Software Development Tool it appears to be getting more popular.
  • Mono Languages - Still not that new or that different but something that seems to be gaining momentum on Linux. Plus there are a couple of new/less-common languages available for Mono. An article demonstrating the use of multiple languages in the same project, something that shows the gestalt of Mono, would be good.
  • Flash - You can't browse the web without seeing a flash animation, but quick, what programming language does flash use? It's ActionScript. Next question, how do you create a flash animation on Linux?
  • Functional Languages - OCaml, F#, or Haskell. We've all seen 'em and we've all been confused.
  • New Features in Old Languages - Here's where the YACPORA stuff might fit. What's new and changing with these languages? Where the heck is Ruby 2.0? And Perl 6.0? What new and impossible to parse features are coming in C++?
  • Return of the Zombies - An old favorite that's coming back to life. Maybe Tcl, BASIC on mono, Pascal/Delphi with Lazarus?

Send your article proposals (or articles if you're ahead of the curve) to