One of the first things you learn when you put up a web page is that things just don't look the same in different browsers. At Linux Journal we certainly had a lot of "did you check the page in X" experience where X was some browser that wasn't happy with what we had put up.

Well, my friend Mario in Costa Rica sent me a link to which seems to be a better answer than having a handful of computers with a handful of different operating systems and a bucketful of different browsers in the office or a lot of friends that you can ask a favor of all too often. is a web page that is designed to directly replace your long list of friends. It offers a choice of 80 different OS/browser combinations. All you have to do is check which ones you want your page tested with, put in the URL and click submit. A few minutes later you can view the results as screenshots.

For example, I submitted to to 58 different OS/browser combinations about ten minutes ago. I have 29 results that I can view individually or download a file that contains them all. All in all, a pretty amazing test tool.