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The following is the schedule for upcoming issues and all copy deadlines. The deadlines indicate when an article must be completed and accepted in order to be considered for publication for that month's issue. See the list below for topics we're planning to cover in 2018.

Please send proposals to ljeditor at linuxjournal.com.

Upcoming Topics:

Containers, Gaming, HPC, Programming, Monitoring, Coreboot/Libreboot/Linuxboot, Machine Automation and Security. Note: this list isn't intended to be limiting—we'd love to hear ideas on any Linux-related topic, so if you'd like to propose an article on something not listed here, please don't hesitate.

286 May March 26, 2018
287 June April 23, 2018
288 July May 21, 2018
289 August June 25, 2018
290 September July 23, 2018
291 October August 20, 2018
292 November September 24, 2018
293 December October 22, 2018
294 January November 19, 2018

Thank you for your interest and contributions.