Linux MIDI: A Brief Survey, Part 3

An introduction to several Linux MIDI utilities, including JSynthLib, Midirgui and SynthEd.

At some point, almost every serious MIDI musician needs to monitor a MIDI data stream, perhaps to diagnose a malfunctioning piece of equipment or to examine the contents of a MIDI sequence during playback. Samuel Dufour-Kowalski's GMidiMon is just the tool for that job, providing a simple GTK interface for displaying MIDI messages in a human-readable form (Figure 13). Alas, at this time GMidiMon doesn't support sysex messages, but the program works well when displaying any other MIDI message types.

Figure 13. GMidiMon

The Wrap

That's it for this month's MIDI survey installment. Tune in next month, when I'll be presenting some interesting MIDI programming languages and experimental MIDI composition environments. Until then, I'm sure you can find something from this article to occupy your time. Or, visit to check out some of the Linux audio and MIDI software listed there.

Dave Phillips is a musician, teacher and writer living in Findlay, Ohio. He has been an active member of the Linux audio community since his first contact with Linux in 1995. He is the author of The Book of Linux Music & Sound, as well as numerous articles in Linux Journal.


Similis sum folio de quo ludunt venti.


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Yamaha SysEx

Anonymous's picture

Thank-you! I've been trying to edit my Yamaha FB-01 since the 80s...


Christian Nitschkowski's picture

Nice to read my name in this article, but unfortunately it's not correct in the article.
My name is Christian Nitschkowski.
There is another one who worked on this project,
his name is Christoph Eckert (without the "er" at the end).
Maybe you've mixed up our names ;-)
Anyway, it's nice to read ones own name in articles :-)
Thank you for mentioning SysExxer.
Maybe it'll get some more attention and users.

Author's note re: GMidiMon

Anonymous's picture

Ah, sorry about the screenshot confusion, that's my bad. Hopefully it'll be corrected soon.