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Novice to Novice
  • Games, Sound & Other Agonies [15:6]

  • Interlude and Explorations: Spreadsheets and Text Editors [16:6]

  • Keyboards, Consoles and VT Cruising [31:12]

  • Linux Installation and X-Windows [12:26]

Practical Programming Hints
  • Debugging Tcl Scripts, or Real Programmers Use puts [18:12]

  • It's All a Matter of Timing [20:18]

Product Reviews
  • AX Graphical Display Server [15:31]

  • BRU—Backup and Restore Utility [11:43]

  • Caldera Network Desktop Preview 1 [20:34]

  • InfoMagic Linux Developer's Resource [12:25]

  • Moo-Tiff Development Environment [17:55]

  • Motif 1.2.3 Runtime and Development System for Linux [6:12]


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