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Trend Micro Tries to Clam Up ClamAV

Patent attacks against Open Source software are nothing new, especially to anyone who has read a press release from SCO or Microsoft in the last few years. Despite the resounding failure of such attacks, proprietary vendors just keep coming up with new ones, and this week it's ClamAV that's under the gun. more>>

Stuff You've Just Got to See

Once again we're overrun with stories you've just got to see, so we're bringing you todays gems right here in one convenient post. Without further adieu, Skype surveillance, missing iPhones, Craigslist killers, and much much more! more>>

Project Planning

I love planning but I hate planning software. It's an interesting problem. When I am working on something alone I tend to outline the project, estimate each piece and be done with it. My estimates tend to be accurate and the project gets done. more>>

FTC Sends Patent Trolls a Warning

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission took a big step in protecting consumers from patent trolls last week by putting the smackdown on a company threatening to bring Ethernet to it's knees. more>>

Tomorrow's Army Will Run Linux

The U.S. Army is always looking for a better way to do the things it does, and increasingly, the better way is paved with technology. Regardless of how you feel about what they intend it to do, it's exciting to know that it will be Linux that leads the way. more>>

It Looks Like Qtrax Blew It

It was a gala affair in Cannes this weekend, with the million-dollar launch of Qtrax, what was supposed to be the new face of file sharing. Everything was there, even Don Henley of the Eagles — everything, that is, but the music. more>>

Is MySQL's Fate the Future of Open Source?

It's not every day that the entire technical press goes bonkers over news in the open source world, but that's what happened last week, when Sun announced that it was buying MySQL. Doubtless, the pleasant roundness of the sum involved - $1 billion – helped, as did the fact that most of that was cash. But leaving aside the sense of satisfaction that events in the free software world should be suddenly thrust centre-stage, Sun's move does raise a larger question about the fate of all open source start-ups. more>>

Updates, Beautiful Updates

2008 is off to a fine start for the world of Linux sound and music software, so this week's story is straight reporting from Studio Dave, with breaking news from various points on the Linux audio compass. more>>

Trolltech Picked Up by Nokia

Trolltech — the Norwegian company behind Qt — is being bought out by cell-phone manufacturer Nokia in a deal valued at $153 million. more>>

Techfest 2008: Bombay, India

Bombay, India. While the official name of the city is now "Mumbai", the name "Bombay" is still used by a lot of the inhabitants, and its use draws images of one of the world's largest cities, a gateway to the sub-continent. Therefore an invitation to speak at Techfest 2008 (, a large student-organized technical showcase, was impossible to turn down. more>>

Firefox Extensions Lift the Keys to the Kingdom

Attackers have myriad ways of gaining access to systems; some are as basic as asking their way in, while others are a bit more high-tech. According to a new Mozilla security bulletin, your Firefox extensions could be the key the hackers are looking for. more>>

Desktop GIS for Linux: An Introduction

This article provides an overview of Linux-based tools for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), including a quick take on the ESRI's ArcReader. Future articles will explore this and other individual tools in greater depth. more>>

The Story of a Map Lover, GIS User

The Stories We Just Couldn't Let You Miss

Trying to decide which to bring you of the many stories that hit the wire each — and trust us, "many" is an understatement — is always a challenge, but it's one we relish. This week, though, was especially packed with juicy nuggets of techy goodness, and we just couldn't let it pass without a roundup to share some of the most interesting and entertaining. more>>

BarCampESM - Making Things Happen in Austin, TX

This past Saturday, approximately fifty members of the enterprise systems management community got together in Austin, Texas for their own BarCamp. This event, BarCampESM, allowed for an informal gathering at which to brainstorm and create some real change in their industry. more>>

You never know what you will stumble across on Craigslist

I often find myself on Craigslist while eating lunch, anxiously waiting for the new Best of section.

If you have not checked out that section, I highly suggest doing so. There is always something either entertaining, thought provoking, disturbing, or comical. more>>

Linux: Safe For the Lactose Intolerant

A few months back one of our vendors made some changes to their FTP servers (Linux servers, thank you very much), which forced me to turn off the sun-lamp and call them to figure out why I couldn't upload anything to their server. As I sat staring aimlessly at the username and password that I had written down (the password contained the word "cheese") I was reminded of the friendly relationship between Linux and Cheese. more>>

Why Are People So Crazy About Linux?

You see it all the time, a "product" that has a tiny percentage of the desktop market, and yet it's popularity is so evident. I'm not going to get into my thoughts on the future of Linux on the desktop, or what the percentage gains versus Apple looks like. What I'm interested in discussing, is why are people so crazy about Linux? more>>

OLPC Crisis: Customer Data Lost

UPDATE #4: Before you read my original posting, check out this link...

:snip: Internal Patriot/Brightstar database errors may cause updates to be lost

Customer service (PatriotLLC) and/or the shipper's (Brighstar's) databases are known to have internal integrity issues, such that order changes - such as corrected shipping addresses - may be overwritten and therefore lost by subsequent updates or syncronization activities. (The database is reportedly Microsoft SQL Server, but would be controlled and populated with custom programming by Patriot and Brightstar).

Many donors affected by issues the two issues above have called or emailed customer service at Patriot numerous times to provide corrected information (such as the lines that were dropped from their shipping address - see above), but the original data would later mysteriously reappear in the database, with the later changes lost. Patriot representatives have insisted they are following correct procedures to update customer information; if this is true, then it may be the fault of the custom programming or the way the database is managed. For example, an operational or programming procedure that would cause partial or complete overwriting of records in one database (e.g., Patriot's) with older or simply different information from the other database (e.g., Brightstar's) would explain these observations and continuing issues.

Donors affected by this issue may have no recourse but to keep contacting Patriot by phone (reportedly more effective than email, which may or may not be acknowledged or processed by them) in the hope that one of the changes will eventually "take" and the order will be sent to shipping. :snip:

There has been an undercurrent flowing in the Bay Area and online about all of the people who ordered OLCP XO-1 laptops on the first day. I am sorry to inform you -- your customer data has probably been lost. more>>

Gutsy's Good on a Laptop

Here is a recent experience installing Kubuntu on a laptop.

Though I love to tinker with the latest cutting-edge distros on my desktop machines, I have been more conservative with my laptop, the machine I use for work. This is a sweet little R Cubed (i.e. a Linux-based Acer) laptop running SUSE 10.1, and I had everything set up and tuned like I want it. more>>

Free Music! Get Your Free – Legal – Music!

If you've been looking for free music but don't want to get busted by the Buzzkill Brigade de la RIAA, then might just have the answer you've been waiting for. more>>