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Open Source and the frustrations at end-of-life, and beyond

Over the years, I have turned to Linux and the Open Source community for a number of solutions to obscure and difficult problems. And, rarely, has the community let me down. But the community, like software development in general, has limited resources and sometimes limited interest. more>>

Save the Libraries – With Open Source

For some in the world of free software, libraries are things that you call, rather than visit. But the places where books are stored – especially those that make them freely available to the public – are important repositories of the world's knowledge, of relevance to all. So coders too should care about them alongside the other kind, and should be concerned that there is a threat to their ability to provide ready access to knowledge they have created themselves. The good news is that open source can save them. more>>

Mozilla McAdd-Ons: Over A Billion Served

There are few places one can go where a gleaming pair of yellow arches cannot be found proudly declaring some variant of "Over 99 Billion Served." Now browser-maker Mozilla has something in common with McDonaldland: As of last week, Mozilla has officially served up their billionth add-on. more>>

Use the date Command to Measure Elapsed Time

When running bash scripts that take a long time to run it's often useful to know how long it took for the script to run. In addition to the overall run time, it's also often useful to know how long certain parts of the script took to run. The time command doesn't really help because it's meant to time a single command, not a sequence of commands. By using the %s format more>>

Technology and the reduction in privacy

As I was standing in the shower this morning, ruminating over the firings of several Verizon employees for snooping into President-Elect Obama’s phone records, I began to think about privacy and what it means and what it will evolve to mean in the coming days and years. After all I was in one of the most private places a person can be right? more>>

Interrogating a Linux Machine

The other day, a client called upon me to perform a hardware and software inventory on all of the computers on his network. There weren't that many machines to inventory, but we needed to gather quite a bit of information about each one. more>>

Mounting Miss Piggy

I was in Houston last week, and I found myself doing some remote tech support over the phone. Everyone in the Houston office patiently waited for me to finish, but gave me the strangest look when I told my assistant back in Michigan, "You're going to have to reboot Gonzo and Fozzie, because they need to mount Miss Piggy." more>>

On Technology

Over the past month, two things struck me as indicative of our current time in space, and both are related to the availability of technology. more>>

Fedora Plays King of the Mountain

Anyone who has been involved with Linux for more than a few minutes is aware that there is a — sometimes blindingly — wide array of distributions available for the end user to choose from. Within the Linux community, there is a certain amount of — good natured, we think — competition among distributions for market share, and that competition heated up last week as Fedora Linux declared itself king of the Linux mountain. more>>

The Open Source Force Behind the Obama Campaign

JFK said "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan." So I'm here to claim Linux-based geek paternity for the successful presidential campaign of Barack Obama. The geeks didn't do it alone, of course. But their role was huge. more>>

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Linux Journal Live - SuperComputing

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The November 20, 2008 Linux Journal Live!. After returning from SuperComputing in Austin, Shawn talks about some things he saw, and what's on the horizon in the world of powerful Linux clusters. more>>

SCO v. Novell is Final – For Now

Way back in July, the word rang out that SCO — the arch-villains bent on squeezing every dime they can out of Linux — had been vanquished by the valiant legal team at Novell to the tune of $2.5+ million. Now comes word that the victory is final — or at least, as final as can be expected. more>>

From the SuperComputing '08 Floor, Part 4 of 4

More from the SuperComputing '08 floor. Editor Shawn Powers talks about RAID, ethernet, power conservation, InfiniBand, global super computing networks, programming tools, storage and more. more>>

From the SuperComputing '08 Floor, Part 3 of 4

More from the SuperComputing '08 floor. Editor Shawn Powers talks about Mathematica, CUDA, quiet, efficient servers and more. more>>

From the SuperComputing '08 Floor, Part 2 of 4

Continuing at the SuperComputing '08 floor, Editor Shawn Powers talks with exhibitors about everything from spaceships to clusters to virtualization. more>>

NASA Takes the Internet to Outer Space

With the advancements in technology available today, you can make contact with just about any place you'd like within a few seconds, thanks to the border-crossing and barrier-smashing power of the Internet. If it's Mars you're trying to reach, though, your best chance is more likely to come on the end of a probe than a DSL line. That may well change, however, as scientists at NASA have just completed testing new technology aimed — quite literally — at blasting the Internet out of this world. more>>

SuperComputing '08

From the SuperComputing '08 Floor, Part 1 of 4

We're here at SuperComputing '08 in Austin, Texas catching up with a few exhibitors. If you can't be here with us, we'll bring a little of the show to you. We're searching the show floor for the coolest Linux stuff (besides Linux Journal of course) and bringing it to you. more>>

The Green Penguin – Where Does Your E-Waste Go?

The article discusses E-Stewards, a new certification program for e-waste recyclers that aims to prevent dumping in landfills and developing countries. more>>

Linux on the Label!

Anyone that uses Linux regularly is familiar with the "Google to see if it works under Linux" procedure before buying any hardware. I was thrilled when I saw the ad for a USB Atari 2600 joystick clone that had a label on the box claiming its Linux compatibility. more>>

Adobe is Back to Flash Us Again – With 64-bit

Just a month after the release of Adobe's Flash Player 10 — with, for the first time, full Linux support out of the box — Adobe is back with another surprise: a 64-bit Flash Player — exclusively for Linux. more>>