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Revision Control: Git or Subversion?

If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be?

Git 49% (373 votes) Subversion 51% (381 votes) Total votes: 754

And The Winner Is...

It wasn't that long ago that we clued readers into the rapidly diminishing time to get a nomination in to be Debian's (Fearless) Project Leader. Like a whirlwind, that time has run out, the votes have been cast, and the lucky fellow is... more>>

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Scheduling Commands with crontab

Use crontab to schedule commands to run at specified intervals.

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Handle Compressed and Uncompressed Files Uniformly

When looking at log files or other files that are compressed and rotated automatically, it's useful to be able to deal with them in a uniform fashion. The following bash function does that: more>>

Free to a Good Home: Junk

I was pricing a low-end desktop computer the other day. When configuring it, I noticed that if I added a four-year warranty, it would cost more than the entire system! We've really come to the point where computer hardware is like a plastic fork. If a tine breaks off, it gets thrown away. Sadly, although throwing away plastic forks is rough on the environment, used computers are so much more so. more>>

Linux Finds Its Face

Way back in January, the Linux Foundation launched a search — a global search — to find something that was sorely missing. No, not Linus's car keys: the face of Linux. Just three months later, they have. more>>

Openmoko Throws Everything Behind "Plan B"

Putting Linux on mobile phones is all the rage these days, what with Google's Android popping up on prototypes left and right, and even the venerable Palm pushing the Pre, a penguin-phone of its own. That wasn't always true, though, but way back in those dark days of proprietary phoning — at least a little ways back — there was Openmoko bringing us hope of truly-open telephony. more>>

Should an Open Source Licence Ever Be Patent-Agnostic?

Sharing lies at the heart of free software, and drives much of its incredible efficiency as a development methodology. It means that coders do not have to re-invent the wheel, but can borrow from pre-existing programs. Software patents, despite their name, are about locking down knowledge so that it cannot be shared without permission (and usually payment). But are there ever circumstances when software patents that require payment might be permitted by an open source licence? That's the question posed by a new licence that is being submitted to the Open Source Inititative (OSI) for review. more>>

Gaming Survey-- Win a T-Shirt!

Thank you for your interest, the Linux Journal's gaming survey is now closed. Drawing winners will be notified by the end of the day on Thursday, April 16.

Zmanda Recovery Manager 3.0 for MySQL on Ubuntu Server


Responding to growing demand for a professional level backup and recovery solution, Zmanda, a leading vendor for open source backup solutions, has introduced an Ubuntu server version of their Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL. more>>

Start and Control konsole with DCOP

I like to open a lot of tabs in my terminal (konsole) window: a few standard shells, a couple of su shells, and some ssh connections to other systems that I access regularly. KDE can remember some of these settings via its session capability, but it doesn't always remember everything I want, and sometimes it remembers things I wish it would forget. So, to get my standard tabs, I use DCOP to start what I want when I want it. more>>

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Dropbox for Linux

Dropbox for free, cross-platform online storage.

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Hungary Hungry for Open Source

Europe is opening up by leaps and bounds, from the Gendarme in France to German embassies around the world. There is one more to add to the score, as last week the Hungarian government announced it too will be going Open Source, in a big way. more>>

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Fun with Hosts

How to edit your hosts file to redirect urls, which is a fun way to play pranks at work or keep your kids off myspace!

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iFolder Syncs for the First Time in Two Years

Long release cycles are by no means unusual in the Open Source world. While some projects — Ubuntu, for example, and GNOME — have release cycles one can set their watch by, other projects take a less tightly scheduled approach — Debian's "we'll release when it's ready to release" philosophy comes to mind. Such would seem to be the case with the iFolder project, which released Version 3.7.2 on Friday — their first since 2007. more>>

Silicon Graphics Gets the Rack

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" said Dickens, and he could well have been talking about Silicon Valley in 2009 — while some firms are setting up venture capital funds, others are looking for a buoy just to stay afloat. Such is the case for Silicon Graphics, as the once power-player revealed last week it will be sold to Rackable Systems for just half the cost of some of its systems. more>>

IBM Lets Sun Set

Reports surfaced late this evening that computing giant IBM — which has been in talks for some time to buy Sun Microsystems — has pulled its $7 billion offer to buy the struggling company. more>>

How to Lie with Maps: When Open Source and National Security Collide Redux

I wanted to briefly follow up the discussion about blurring on-line maps.

I am currently reading a very enlightening book entitled Blank Spots on the Map: The Dark Geography of the Pentagon's Secret World. more>>