Linux Journal Contents #29, September 1996

Linux Journal Issue #29/September 1996


  • LJ Interviews Linus Torvalds  by Phil Hughes and Gena Shurleff
    With the release of Linux 2.0 on June 9, we thought it was once again time to visit the father of the OS.
  • Linux Distributions Compared  by Bryan Phillippe and LJ Staff
    Linux is evolving quickly. As we did in March 1996, we detail the features of Linux distributions to help you select one to meet your needs.
  • Licenses and Copyright  by Michael K. Johnson
    What's the difference between a license and a copyright? It's important for those who program for Linux to know.
  • Using TeX with xtem  by Evelyn Mitchell
    A guide to xtem—a program that makes it easier for someone new to TeX to manage.

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