Linux Journal Contents #25, May 1996

Linux Journal Issue #25/May 1996


  • Fortran Programming Tools under Linux  by Steven Hughes
    Are you a Fortran user migrating to Linux from a non-Unix environment? Steve shows you how to take the Linux plunge without sacrificing your “native” programming capability.
  • Compile C Faster on Linux  by Christopher W Fraser & David R Hanson
    An introduction to lcc, a compiler 75% smaller than gcc that also compiles more quickly and helps prevent some porting bugs.
  • Introduction to Gawk  by Ian Gordon
    How to speed up your programming tasks using the GNU version of awk.

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Just found these old articles online. Great stuff to go back in time before I had grey hair.

Very interesing article

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Very interesing article "Compile C Faster on Linux" . Thanks.


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Thank you very much i enjoyed the speeding up tasks Article