Unable to successfully download Digital Edition Linux Journal

Is any one else having problems downloading their Linux Journals?

I am very frustrated in that all attempts to download it have failed.

I have tried through Firefox on Ubuntu, wget from the command line, firefox on windows, IE on Windows.

In all cases, the computer receives from 128 bytes up to 2 megabytes before the download "completes". Of segment of PDF that is downloaded is unviewable.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Still can't download digital edition

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I've been trying to download a digital copy, but the pubservice.com website appears to be broken.

I enter my account number and zipcode as requested.

I then see a secure2.linuxjournal.com webpage, listing all the past issues, but none of the links are active, and the left column has a "please login to download." Didn't I just do that? and the "please logn" message is a link that, when clicked, does nothing.

Very frustrating...

E-Book format

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I know currently LJ is using PDF formats for the electronic download, have they
considered moving towards some form of e-book so we can loose the paper?
I have tried to use Calibre to convert the PDF files to e-pub but so far the
formatting gets scrambled and isn't usable (I could be doing something wrong
but even Calibre states PDF conversion is difficult).
The problem with PDFs is that they display using a scroll which isn't as
readable as displaying it as a book.

Unable to successfully download Digital Edition Linux Journal

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Yes, I have exactly the same problem. Interestingly enough I went to work and had no troubles downloading. Two possible reasons that I can see: 1) huge amount of bandwidth and 2) older version of Adobe.

Another gripe: My welcome email that I received from LJ after signing up mentions www.linuxjournal.com/digital -- no such page exists anymore.


Unable to successfully download Digital Edition Linux Journal

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All my trials for downloading the latest volume are failed. Seems like the server drops the connection after ~20 secs. My download speed is ~400kBps at best, and it never got completed.


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Just a quick update and resolution regarding my computers' inability to download the latest LJ.

I had been trying to download using the html link provided in the e-mail notification.

This failed all the time for the download.

My resolution was to go to the bottom of the LJ welcome page where you will see 5 columns. Select Digital Downloads which is found under the title Subscriptions.

Type in your LJ account number and zip and you should be presented with a list of current / previous digital editions of Linux Journal for which you are eligible to download.

Good luck,