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May 2012 Lua Article Problems

The lua examples in the May 2012 article "Object-Oriented Programming with Lua" do not seem to work as presented in either version 5.4.1 or 5.2. In particular using:

function, o) local p = o or {x=0, y=0} return p end

and the print method given. Then using:

p1 ={x=10, y=10})


Gives (0,0) instead of (10,10). more>>

Problem with ad on page 31 (October 2011 issue - PDF version)


The ad on page 31 crashes a few of my PDF viewers (Kindle and my non-FOSS iPad). The same page also took a long time to render on my laptop.

Deleting the page from the PDF file fixed the problem, but it'd be nice if I don't have to do this.

October Issue

So, when is the October digital edition going to be ready?

September 2011 Issue, #209

This one issue is available free of charge to everyone -- we opened it up so everyone could experience the new digial-only Linux Journal. We hope you enjoy!



csce call for papers

2011 International Conference on Computer Science and Communication Engineering (CSCE2011) will be held in Xuchang,China on Dec 2-4,2011. All papers accepted will be published by ELSEVIER journal: Physics Procedia(ISSN:1875-3892) and indexed by Ei Compendex, Conference Proceedings Citation Index(ISTP),Engineering Index and Scopus. more>>

Unable to successfully download Digital Edition Linux Journal

Is any one else having problems downloading their Linux Journals?

I am very frustrated in that all attempts to download it have failed.

I have tried through Firefox on Ubuntu, wget from the command line, firefox on windows, IE on Windows. more>>

Archive cd on Kindle?

Does anybody know if I can somehow convert issues from my LJ archive cd to Kindle format? I have Calibre, but not sure if this can be done.


June Issue - 194

Good Day All-

I just got my June issue of Linux journal and had to bring it to the office on the mere fact that Gentoo Linux did *not* make it on the cover yet Arch Linux did.


So can anyone tell me what distro is the one between Ubuntu and Debian on the front cover?

Some dude at the office said this was the Novell logo?

Say what!?!?

May 2010, Issue #193

No coverage of LinuxMCE vs. XBMC and MythTV? I know LJ is covering LMCE in the whole house management project area, but still, it's set up for media center use too. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned.

LJ March 2010 - Troubleshooting Part 1

Troubleshooting Part 1 - great article, looking forward to the series.

I’m a 20+ year IT veteran and a 10+ year linux user but I’m still trying to get my head around this ‘Load Average’ concept. more>>

May 2009 - issue 181 - 8mm film conversion


I was very excited to see the feature article on converting 8mm film as my wife has a box containing over 50 of them produced by her parents in the late 60's. Wow, would I ever score a lot of brownie points if I could convert them all to DVD for her!!! :) more>>

March 2009 Bill Childers OpenSim article page 76

It will not run all the way on my ASUS Eee PC 901 running the latest Kubuntu with the Adam's kernel. I can't run SL either. Adapt says I have version 2.8 of SQLITE but the OpenSim README.txt says version 3 is required. I can't find version 3 in my repository's. I also had to apt-get nant. When the OpenSim config runs, it doesn't ask any questions. Any one have an idea?

ISM 2007 has been covered by Ei px

Now All papers in the ISM/WiCOM 2007 proceedings have been indexed by Ei Compendex.

Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this Call for Papers

====================================================================== Management Track within WiCOM International Symposium on Information System & Management (ISM 2008) CALL FOR PAPERS more>>

Issue #3. Yes, we are talking 1994.

I've been a reader of LJ since issue #2 was excitedly passed around a compiler design class I was taking in college, and a subscriber since issue #3. No breaks, all the way through. more>>

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