October Issue

Where are the mobi files?

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My email from the subscription folks said that there are mobi (kindle) files. On this site, there appear to be no mentions. In fact the FAQ is old (August 19) and has no information. If this is going to be an on-going hassle, I will be a long-time former subscriber. What's the deal?

October issue: Where is it?

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So how is one supposed to view the October 2011 issue? It doesn't appear on the list of issues. It seems like there should be a big unmistakable button for the current issue, but searching all over the place doesn't reveal the secret. The email had one column from the October issue, but, as far as I can tell, no link for the full October issue. My patience is wearing thin, as it seems the same thing happened in September.

Oct 1

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They said they'd send an email with links.

Have email but link doesn't

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Have email but link doesn't get me to the Oct edition or was the email a "taster" for the full version?

That was the Editor's Intro

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That was the Editor's Intro to this month's edition

I'm a busy guy. How about

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I'm a busy guy. How about one email when the issue is actually ready to read? Thanks.