Super Grub Disk


I had hardy on one ide disk with windows I cloned HARDY and put it on a new sata disk and formatted the first disk
I reinstalled windows on another new sata disk so that I would have windows on a separate disk from HARDY (windows has two partitions with documents and settings on the second partition and the OS on the first)windows boots fine no problems.
HARDY will not boot I have used SGT to boot and have been able to bring up the old boot menu
but whichever item I click on to boot I keep getting a message to "press any key", all that happens is it takes me back to the grub menu. If I try any other options I get error messages like "back (error 6 is OK)"
"error 6 mismatched or corrupt version of stage 1 / stage 2"
"(root) hd0,0 file type ext2fs partitiontype 0x83 chainloader +1"
"error 13 invalid or unsupported executable format"
"hd1,0 error 17 can't mount partition
"hd2,0 map (hdo)(hd2) - (hd2)(hd0) chainloader +1 boot
"grub loading stage 2.."
Computer hangs at this point, with a flashing cursor and no computer activity, have
left it like this for 1 hour just in case but nothing, when I reboot I get the same error

"BOOTMGR" is missing

I would appreciate some help
I am an almost newbie can do some things ok but not this one

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