Converting Video to the Droid x-Best VOB to Droid X Video Converter

Converting Video to the Droid x-Best VOB to Droid X Video Converter more>>

Binding a command to a keystroke - terminal sessions

OK, so I have moderate Linux experience on servers, but am finally using Gnome on a desktop daily and have one problem I would love to have solved. more>>

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X11R6 (Comment/unComment help)

I don't know that is it right place for X11 Build but i greatly thanks for reply on this pain on head problem i find three MAIN pillers on X11R6 to build host.def site.def xorgsite.def where i am disturbinb host.def and xorgsite.def for make my X 4.3.0 to X11R6.9.0 for uncommenting for example i don't want to build font

*/uncomment this for not build font *for x widows more>>

Super Grub Disk

I had hardy on one ide disk with windows I cloned HARDY and put it on a new sata disk and formatted the first disk I reinstalled windows on another new sata disk so that I would have windows on a separate disk from HARDY (windows has two partitions with documents and settings on the second partition and the OS on the first)windows boots fine no problems. more>>

Fedora in the Office

Fedora 7 was used for hands one and studying for earning the Linux+. Coming form a Windows world it was hard. Studied and prepared hard then failed. Studied harder-then pasted.

My question: I would like to deploy Fedora 9 to an office of 10-15 office professionals but how do I control their desktops from a centralized location. more>>

GRUB Error Message #25

I had multi boot on my desktop. Grub brought up a list of distros with boot to Windows Boot Loader with Multi windows distros loaded. Boot default is Windows XP Pro(family thing with Linux) Everything was working fine . One morning Powered up desktop and got Grub error message #25. All I could find out was go to linux rescue disk and reinstall GRUB.

That sounded like a WINDOWS fix! more>>

How to play with Gnome Desktop Environment

Hello i am a newbie in LINUX and just seeking somebody's help that in a running linux system where we can get the source code of GNOME??? is it possible to change some of the existing functionality of GNOME desktop display.. i want to dig into the workspace management in LINUX.

Become Enlightened

Because it's so easy to get caught up in the KDE vs. Gnome debate, the Enlightenment window manager often goes overlooked. And for good reason - there are very few distros available that utilize Enlightenment as a default WM. As a former KDE user myself, I was hesitant to try anything different. However, like so many other Linux users, I am always willing to try something new. more>>

Gnome or KDE, which is the one true desktop?

Hehehehe. No fair and saying IceWM or Xfce. C'mon now, we want a blood feud here. :)

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