Slice and Dice PDF


Using poppler-tools and psutils, you can extract a range of pages from a larger PDF file. For example, if you want to extract pages 11–14 of the PDF file afile.pdf, you could use the following command:

$ pdftops afile.pdf - | psselect -p11-14 | ps2pdf - file-p11-14.pdf

The pdftops command converts the PDF file to PostScript; the psselect command selects the relevant pages from the PostScript, and the ps2pdf command converts the selected PostScript into a new PDF file.


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looking for similar

Anonymous's picture

This and comments give me things to investigate tomorrow, but I have been looking for something that simply combines pdfs or images into one pdf.

Whitening System

Whitening System's picture

Poppler-tools and psutils if actually can command over the PDF file then great…!

Seriously I agree using

Dentist Melbourne's picture

Seriously I agree using poppler-tools and psutils, you can extract a range of pages from a larger PDF file.

bmx bikes

bmx bikes's picture

I found this option really of good use and great significance

pdftk is better

Tig's picture

I like to use pdftk for such things. The above line translates to:

"pdftk A=afile.pdf cat A11-14 output file-p11-14.pdf"

No converting to and from postscript.

There is another option

Stavros Christoforou's picture

You could use pdftk, which does everything without the need for conversion to/from ps.

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