Simplifying Complex Software Demos


Our company is in policy and risk management. Elemental Security Platform (ESP) unifies security controls and activity of the network environment. A full ESP implementation requires a complex server environment including hardware, Red Hat Linux and an Oracle database. This complex implementation makes it difficult for our sales team to quickly and easily demonstrate the company’s solution on-site.

As a result, sales demos are restricted to remote demos over a VPN connection. They have to spend up to two days at the customer’s site to implement a full solution demo.
We require a solution with the help of which our sales team and customers can interact with at a customer site and that too without a complex server and database implementation.

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Without further details it

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Without further details it is difficult even to draft a possible solution that would suit to your needs. The VPN can be implemented using different software/hardware vendors and everyone has its quirks, which means inter-operability might be extremely difficult. So, my point is that you need to provide more information in order to get some ideas.

As I have mentioned earlier,

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As I have mentioned earlier, ESP unifies security controls. They deliver persistent visibility into the current state, security posture, and activity of the network environment. This enables organization to express, implement, and remediate, easily and cost-effectively, a broad spectrum of security policies to address security requirements, regulatory compliance and business risk.

This would require complex server environment, of course. But we need solution that is not at all complex and can solve the issues.

You can configure Virtual

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You can configure Virtual Machine to run ESP, built with Red Hat Linux and an Oracle Database. Everything required for the ESP demo – the operating system, database and Elemental code - are contained within the virtual machine and could be carried on convenient portable storage media like USB memory sticks.

That is fine, but also

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That is fine, but also suggest any such vendor that is providing such similar offerings. The presence of large number of vendors in the market today makes it difficult to choose the correct one that meets the requirements as well as cost effective too.

Simplifying Complex Software Demos

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Well, you can adopt MokaFive Live PCs with the help of which you could provide a true, on-site demonstration of your security solutions for prospective customers, reducing the sales cycle time.

Check their website at:

By being able to create a LivePC with multiple agents reporting into the server, and then suspend and replicate it onto portable storage, you can bring up a full ESP solution demo at a customer site in about Five minutes versus 2 days.

Simplifying Complex Software Demos

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The intention is to eliminate the need for the VPN and be able to run a "live" demo at the clients' site using one or more virtual machines/appliances.

Did I understand correctly?