Custom Transitioning Backgrounds in KDE4


In this series of articles, we've gone over making custom transitioning slide-show backgrounds in different desktop environments. So far, we've gone over GNOME, KDE3, and XFCE. This time, we'll do the same task in KDE4. I think that it is easiest to do this KDE4 compared to all of the other desktop environments.

Right click on the desktop and select "Desktop Settings".


Change the wallpaper type from "Image" to slideshow.


Click on "Add Folder" to add the folder that your images are located. If you don't want to include the default /usr/share/backgrounds folder as well, remove that folder using the remove button.


Browse to the folder you wish to add, and click on "OK".


Select the image interval and image positioning, then select "OK" to start the wallpaper slideshow.


KDE4 appears to monitor the image directories that you choose, then selects at random from the wallpapers in those directories to establish your background. Enjoy!

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God bless fluxbox.

I have to ask

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You show an OpenSuSE KDE install, but one of the transitioning wallpapers you use has the Kubuntu logo on it... :) What's the deal with that?

The deal with that is....

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I used the same directory of wallpapers to for each article on transitioning backgrounds. The images happened to be Ubuntu wallpapers.

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The difference...

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KDE, GNOME, and XFCE are different desktop managers. They control your desktop, your background, your program menus, and how the computer reacts when you click on things.

Linux allows you to choose which desktop manager you want to use.

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kde or gnome?

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what is difference kde and gnome? i prefer gnome and i love it.


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you don't know the difference, but you prefer gnome?
that makes sense.
try something with the new kde4, you can do more with it. it's very pretty and fun.

"I don't know the difference between linux and microsoft, but I prefer linux."