Check Your Computer's Temperature


You can check your computer's temperature using only standard tools, with the command:

$ cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/temperature

Depending on your hardware, you may have more than one sensor.

This method of checking your computer's temperate works only if ACPI thermal zones are supported on your computer. Most laptops and some desktop systems support them.




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I get to see 0 C

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I get to see 0 C


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Seems this is the hard way, what about:

acpi -V

I use this all the time as I run xmonad. This gives temp, status, battery %. Add an "f" (acpi -Vf) and you convert to Fahrenheit.


Why not acpi

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Matthew wrote: "using only standard tools"

I agree the ACPI tool is useful and easy but unfortunately it is not standard on all systems.