Adding IoT Flare to a Hot Springs and Spa Business

As the folks at Bozeman Hot Springs usher their hot springs and spa into the 21st century with new technology and pools, they are thinking about new ways to delight their customers and stay top of mind. One recurring request, no doubt from the avid skiing community, is the ability to read current pool temperatures online, in the same way ski resorts publish current snow conditions. This project makes that dream a reality by integrating with the existing standalone pool temperature controllers and publishing temperature data over the internet using an easily consumed API.

The Problem

There are three newly constructed outside pools that use the latest and greatest equipment and controllers from Honeywell to maintain temperature, specifically the Honeywell T755M. The problem is, the temperature data used by the controllers is trapped on the controllers themselves. There's no way to publish these temperature readings over the network without additional hardware.

The Solution

There needs to be a middle man to make sense of the data provided by the standalone temperature controllers and then publish said data over the network. Enter the TS-7680 with its four analog to digital inputs, wireless network interface and low cost plastic enclosure with DIN mount. For future expansion, the TS-7680 supports the TS-1700 Modbus peripheral that enables eight more temperature sensors for other pools.


With several hot spring resorts in the area, there is a competitive advantage to being able to publish pool temperatures in real time. Not only are customers able to inform themselves and plan a trip accordingly, they'll also keep checking back daily, keeping Bozeman Hot Springs top of mind, while they dream of their next trip. There are also advantages on the business end for pool maintenance, like being able to collect, store and chart out pool temperatures over time and even get email or SMS alerts for when temperatures drastically change. A system like this also lays a foundation for other high-tech improvements, such as displaying live pool data on a wall-mounted LCD screen for visitors to see.