Neverwinter Nights and Shadows Of Undrentide

Despite a few shortcomings, these two titles offer hours and hours of engagement.
Final Thoughts

Neverwinter Nights is a good game on its own merits. Not only is the game well made, but an all-too-rare Linux option is available. Shadows of Undrentide likewise would have stood well on its own. Together, they definitely make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. I thoroughly enjoyed the single-player campaigns, and I am completely enamored of the on-line play. Pros: SoU adds a lot of content to NWN The single-player campaign was shorter in SoU, but the story was much richer Many user-made modules to play Cons: Can't view movies in either NWN or SoU - this can be very disappointing when you reach the end of a campaign!! No native toolset Manual installation Company Information: Bioware Price: $29.99 for both Neverwinter Nights and Shadows of Undrentide at various online retailers



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Bink Video Player for Linux Beta

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Bink Video Player for Linux Beta can be downloaded here:

movies in game for nwn on linux

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you may want to check these 2 sites for playing the movies in the NWN linux client:

Re: Bink Video Player for Linux Beta

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Yeah, that might work if you have at least ten times the recommended system requirements for bink.