New Products

FileZerver, AT75C310, Eyelet GUI and more.

Microtest Inc. introduced FileZerver, a network appliance designed to meet the growing file storage and management needs of departments and work groups. Features of FileZerver include Linux-based architecture, scalability, RAID data protection, flexible volume management and cross-platform support. The system's software, embedded in FileZerver itself, is configured and managed through a simple browser-based interface.

Contact: Microtest, Inc., 4747 North 22nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85016-4708, 602-952-6400, 602-952-6401 (fax),,


Aplio, Inc., in partnership with Atmel Corporation, announced the distribution of the Aplio/TRIO Chip by ATMEL, under the name AT75C310. The AT75C310, featuring an embedded Linux operating system, VoIP and audio-application software together with an application development platform, provides a total system solution, empowering CE manufacturers to launch Internet phones, e-mail phones and MP3 appliances at low cost and short time to market. The VoIP application software delivers true telephone sound quality featuring PacketPlus Technology. The AT75C310 is a low-cost, single chip that simultaneously handles voice processing, telephony and VoIP protocol stack tasks.

Contact: Aplio Inc., 1670 S. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94402, 800-461-4038, 650-655-4065 (fax),,

Contact: Atmel Corporation, 800-292-8635,,

Eyelet GUI

MoJo Designs announced they have ported Eyelet GUI to Linux, making it the smallest embedded GUI available for Linux. Using Eyelet GUI, Linux developers will be able to add a graphical interface without the substantial overhead of the X Window System. Eyelet GUI is particularly well-suited for touch-screen applications such as medical devices, automotive-information systems and a host of consumer products including digital cameras, information appliances, cellular phones, microwave ovens and VCRs.

Contact: MoJo Designs Inc., PO Box 6037, Boulder, CO 80306, 303-443-5035, 303-441-2902 (fax),,

J2SE 1.2.2 for Linux

Sun released the first customer shipment of J2SE 1.2.2 for Linux, an advancement on the Java 2 platform. It enables Linux developers to write and deploy innovative enterprise applications, based on Java technology, to Linux systems. The union of the Java 2 platform with Linux greatly expands the pool of enterprise applications available to Linux developers, enabling Linux end users to take advantage of thousands of Java-technology-based applications.

Contact: Sun Microsystems, Inc., 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303,

GNUPro Tools for IA-64

Red Hat, Inc. announced GNUPro tools for IA-64. The compiler and debugger tools for native and embedded software development for IA-64 offer a pre-production development environment for creating applications on Intel's forthcoming Itanium processor. GNUPro tools for IA-64 include the IA-64 Linux source code, Red Hat's GNUPro compiler and other key software. The GNUPro tools for IA-64 are completely open source and have been released to the open-source development community via the Trillian Project web site.

Contact: Red Hat Software,,

Linux edition of “A Mother's Shoah”

AIL NewMedia Publishing announced the release of its new title “A Mother's Shoah” on CD-ROM for Linux computers. The e-book is based on the diary of a Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Susan Kaszas. Archive photographs, images of paintings and pages from the diary provide historical depth and visual impact. AIL NewMedia Publishing also publishes a printed book edition, sold along with the CD by Tree of Knowledge on AIL's web site. Proceeds from this publication will go to the HIAS and the Third Temple Foundation.

Contact: AIL NewMedia Publishing, 31 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463, 201-444-5051,,