New Products

Ksplice Uptrack Service

Likening this service to changing out a car's engine while speeding down the highway, Ksplice Uptrack from Ksplice, Inc., eliminates the need to reboot Linux servers to reboot their kernels. Thus, crucial updates and security patches can be applied live without rebooting or disrupting running applications. Ksplice Uptrack subscriptions are currently available for six leading versions of Linux including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux, CentOS, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and OpenVZ.

Fluffy Spider's FancyPants

FancyPants is a multimedia applications framework from Fluffy Spider Technologies, whose new version 3.0 now supports Google Android. The company says that FancyPants gives OEMs of Android-based devices and their channel partners new capabilities to differentiate their wares in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Besides mainstream Android mobile development, FancyPants supports digital video (STB, DVR, home-media center), office automation (printers and MFPs) and other consumer electronics and industrial automation areas. FancyPants further enables total separation of user interfaces from applications that use them, offering developers “a unique autonomous user-interface model, enabling comprehensive deep customization of Android device GUIs on a per-application, or suite of applications, basis”.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.