Who Needs Time Machine with "Back in Time"

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Bare Metal Recovery

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Any open-source recommendations for Bare-Metal recovery? I'm familiar with HP's ignite, and IBM's MKSYSB for their unix variants, but I'm not aware of a native tool or open-source tool.

Windows restore point does

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Windows restore point does not even touch your user files and is basically an emergency tool when you get a virus or a driver blows the world up. Restore point does not = backup. This is truly a backup and since all your settings are stored in dot files in your home directly, your settings are backed up. In other words you write over a document on accident, just recover from an hour ago. This was so fast it almost seemed like it is using lvm tricks.


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Did I see this correctly? Did he just configure the app to save snapshots of the user directory (which includes the documents directory) in the documents directory? Or am I missing something here?

Yes, but

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I did save to a Documents folder, but for me that's an NFS mounted server. Also, you can back up to a local folder inside the snapshot area, you just tell it not to back up the backup files. :)

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sudo apt-get install foo might be better
I take it the real gag is "who needs backups"!


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it seems nice but it isn't going to save the setting and backup files like "windows restore point"

tell it to? so hard, check

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tell it to? so hard, check /etc for settings backup, check /var/log for log files. Damn, this is too difficult, I demand refund! :O