Watch the National Debt from the Command Line

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Neater formatting

Anonymous's picture

while true; do echo -ne "`wget --quiet -O - | grep debtiv.gif | sed -e 's/.*ALT="//' -e 's/".*//' -e 's/ //g'`\r"; sleep 1; done


Tuxly_Tuxford_McTuxtington's picture

Grepping the GIF for the alt text is a cool idea... I never thought about doing anything like that before. Powerful stuff!


Sean Corbett's picture

Cool tip! Just added it to my .conkyrc!

Use watch instead

Dan Fekete's picture

You can also use watch to run programs periodically. Try this:

$ cat > nationaldebt

wget --quiet -O - | grep debtiv.gif | sed -e 's/.*ALT="//' -e 's/".*//' | sed 's/ //g'

$ chmod +x nationaldebt

and run it like so:

$ watch ./nationaldebt

Fun Find

Brett Dreher's picture

Nice find, tweaked it slightly with another sed statement (i'm no expert with sed/awk and regex) to trim the spaces from it in a small bash script now, my final version:

wget --quiet -O - | grep debtiv.gif | sed -e 's/.*ALT="//' -e 's/".*//' | sed 's/ //g'

Socialism is death.

Anonymous's picture

If only there were a way to kick that bum socialist Obama out of the white house from the command line.

$ while true > do > wget

Anonymous's picture

$ while true
> do
> wget --quiet -O - | grep debtiv.gif | sed -e 's/.*ALT="//' -e 's/".*//'
> sleep 3
> done
$ 1 0 , 9 5 9 , 5 0 2 , 1 4 8 , 9 8 5 . 0 4


amygdala's picture

watch -n 9 "wget -q -O - |grep debtiv.gif |sed -e 's/.*ALT=\"//' -e 's/\".*//' |sed 's/ //g'"

National debt... for the USA you mean

Anonymous's picture

I wonder why so many people think locally and act globally... ;)

Very nice tech tip, BTW.


lolz! dDoS

Anonymous's picture

did you do it for the lulz?