The Ultimate Linux Upgrade: Installing IE7

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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Very funny ...

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Great joke Shawn !
It is really good to see a great sense of humor :)




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Product key?


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I didn't make it that far into the install.


Shawn Powers is an Associate Editor for Linux Journal. You might find him chatting on the IRC channel, or Twitter

Thanks, that was awesome!

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That was hilarious even though I knew it was the joke of the day. But you really do make a good point on how Linux does recognise most of the drivers and everything. Made my night complete haha.


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Great job on the April Fools' Day video! IE6 would have been even more over the top. :) I agree with ProfBib that the video, despite the main joke, really does bring home the point that Linux generally gets nearly everything set up without worrying about drivers and stuff like that. It's so easy and the end product (a fast, stable system without viruses) is fantastic.

*kicks computer* Oh... it's picture

*kicks computer*

Oh... it was a joke?



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Loved the Joke! All kidding aside.. I love Linux and use it as my OS of choice! As Evan stated above, Thanks to the Community for making the Linux OS better and better!

Funny and Amazing

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Thanks for sharing this April Fool's Day joke with us. Isn't it amazing, though, that we are now able to install Linux and -- all kidding aside -- the install disc does, in fact, recognize the vast majority of hardware without further interaction from the user? There has been so much progress in this area and the community should really give itself a pat on the back for making Linux more accessible to interested end-users of all talent levels.

By the way, I have no real programming experience and am therefore not involved with any development efforts beyond some translating and usability feedback, so I am not fishing for my own "attaboy" here. I genuinely appreciate all the work that has been done by others!


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