Secure VOIP communication with ZRTP


Phil Zimmermann comes to the rescue again with ZRTP, a protocol for securely transferring keys across a VOIP network.


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know to linux

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sir i student form pgdacs to vidyasagar university,actually sir i did not linux surplly,plise sir diskus the matter tolinux

SIP-Communicator and Twinkle

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Thanks for looking at these two clients :-)

As for SIP Communicator: just currently we are working to stabilize it and make
it ready for a version 1, a release candiate (RC1) is in the pipeline. Just
recently we added some better ZRTP GUI stuff and handling, also video is under
testing. Also planned is a demonstration at FOSDEM 2009.

The problem with the firewall may be due to the fact that zfoned reconfigures
the firewall to sniff on the UDP ports (this is why ip_queue is required). Zfoned
add rules to the firewall when it starts and removes them when it terminates. You
may check this by listing your active rules when zfoned is up and running.

I'm really looking forward

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I'm really looking forward to an official release of SIP Communicator. A working cross platform alternative to skype with encryption will undoubtedly cut the number of hours I spend troubleshooting nonfunctional sip communications in half:-) When version 1 comes out I'll give it a much more thorough look. It's great that SIP Communicator is closing the gap on one of the few areas that proprietary software still maintains an edge.