Review: Aleutia E1

Linux Journal Gadget Guy, Shawn Powers, reviews the Aleutia E1, a small, portable computer that uses very little electricity and can run on solar power.


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Thank You

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Thanks You


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In Italy we have almost the same as this tiny PC and another one called KOALA micro PC which is like Zonbu.

Aleutia E1 alternative

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LinuTop - Smaller, better specs, cheaper

More about the Aleutia E1

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Designed for Rural Africa
Works in places other computers don't.

* During peak performance, the E1 consumes just 8W of power, 4% of what a typical (200W) desktop uses. Runs off a car battery or a cheap solar panel.
* Keep Working During Power Cuts! A UPS that will keep a standard desktop running for 15 minutes will power an E1 for 6.5 hours!
* Everything is stored on a CF card, which can be instantly removed to ensure security of your information.
* Efficient web browser for slow Internet connections.
* Discounted 5-Pack for rural schools available, with low-power displays, solar panel, and battery.

Every application you need and as fast as XP

Puppy Linux is pre-installed. Completely Stable and Fast!

* Practically identical interface to Windows, no learning curve required!
* Office-compatible - create/modify/save Excel and Word files, or even PDFs.
* Spreadsheet program opens in 3 seconds.

Works Off-the-Grid, Available with LCD, Solar Panel

For aid workers, meteorologists, field engineers, and people on the move.

* Ultra-portable version: E1 with 8" Display, foldable solar panel, and lightweight battery.
* Fits in laptop bag, takes 5 minutes to set up.
* Display and E1 run for 3.5 hours on a charge. Can recharge by car.

Or buy a kit with roof-mounted solar panel and 9kgs battery for less!

* Ideal for healthcare clinics, remote offices, or just individuals without power.
* 30 minute set up.
* Will power E1 and display for 13 hours on a charge.


E1 Hardware Details

* Processor: 200MHz x86 CPU, Memory: 128MB SDRAM, Storage: 1GB (included Compact Flash card), Power Supply (US, UK, or EU).

* 3 x USB 1.1 ports (12Mbps transfer rate), 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port, VGA port to connect LCD display (supports resolutions up to 1280x1024)

* Power consumption of 8W with CPU and SDRAM running at full speed. With external devices (USB CD Rewriter, USB-powered hard drive) power consumption rises to 11W.

* Dimensions: 11.5cm (Width) x 11.5cm (Lenght) x 3.5cm (Height)

* Weight: 505g

E1 Software Specifics

* Puppy Linux Operating System (version 2.14) - similar in appearance to MS Windows, stable, and pre-installed.

* Excel-compatible spreadsheet software (Gnumeric), Word-compatible word processor (Abiword)

What's in the Box?

* The Aleutia E1 workstation, 1.0 GB CF Card, USB travel mouse, waterproof, rollable keyboard, user manual.

* 3 Year International Warranty, 3 Year Email Support, 90 Day Return Policy.

* Price: £179

Ultra-Portable Office in a FedEx Box

* E1 Workstation package (see above)

* 8" LCD TV (VGA 640x480 resolution) with VGA-input and remote | 1 kg | 12W Power Consumption

* Brunton 26W Waterproof Foldable Solar Panel, folds to A4 size, includes mobile phone adapter for trickle-charging | 500g

* 72Wh Li-ion Battery Pack, Case, DC-AC converter, can charge standard laptop, mobile phones, iPod | 1kg

* 3 Year International Warranty, 3 Year Email Support, 90 Day Return Policy.

* Price: £499 | Total Weight 3kgs | Fits in Laptop Bag

Semi-Portable Office in a Box

* E1 Workstation package

* 10.4" LCD TV (SVGA 800x600 resolution) with VGA-input and remote | 2 kg | 10W Power Consumption

* Roof-mount solar panel, 3.4kgs

* 240Wh Lead Acid 12V Battery, DC-AC converter | 7 kgs

* 3 Year International Warranty, 3 Year Email Support, 90 Day Return Policy.

* Price: £389 | Total Weight 13 kgs

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Interesting title...

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Too bad I can't view the content.

Featured VIDEO

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What part of VIDEO do you not understand?

To be fair, the link on the

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To be fair, the link on the main page says "Read more" not "View more".

Aleutia, Nice...but

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Thanks for reviewing the Aleutia. It's nice to know that you can compute "off the grid", but you didn't indicate that it comes with a built-in monitor, or does it? Chances are that you won't be able to schlep around a monitor, and even if you do, chances are that the monitor is strapped to the grid. Like the MacMini, it will probably sell better for its quietness, low power consumption, and (some day) equivalent power as a standard desktop.
Also, no mention of a CDROM drive. Does it have one?

'Printer friendly Version ???'

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This article can't be read or printed - it's just a link to a 'YouTube' segment.
Pretty Poor

well I would have liked to

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well I would have liked to read this, but I can't. There is no text content.