Review: Acer Aspire One


Geri Druckman reviews the Acer Aspire One ultra-portable laptop.

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The same problem is occuring

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The same problem is occuring with mine, I have a clear internet connection but the netbook will not pick up a wireless connection or get on the internet. I also cannot access the network centre and can't select which connnection i want the thing to run from. I have tried all of the basics like restarting the netbook and taking the battery out etc given to me b online support websites, but none of the diagnostics i was given are solving this problem. I also need help with the problem could anyone who could help also reply to this comment A.S.A.P
Much Thanks

:) hi, i have problems

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:) hi, i have problems connecting sometimes too, and there is one thing i noticed, it needs to practically have FULL battery to work! it has to be pluged in, sometimes im lucky and it will work when not plugged in, but if its at 60 to 30% battery it just wont even show the icon! sometimes COMPLETELY restarting it will work(not reset for some reason) but i just keep turining it off and on till it works :P maybe u have a differnt problem then i do, but hope this might help

Solved problem

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I have a friend who had this problem on his Acer AspireOne[Linux]
ive been working on it since yesterday. Im a Linux virgin, but
here's what i found.
has updates that you can use. I found the 3G option file under
/linux /drivers that got the network manager to reinstall.

There are also some other applications on the server including
VLC for your Aspire One but i found it didn't have all the codecs
so im working on that.

Good luck + god speed

Acer and Sims 3

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Hi, i Have an Acer aspire one and i downloaded the sims 3 without the CD and i get this message saying the Device 0, video graphic card is detected then it tells me to look in my hardware system and i did but everything was looking fine?? and is there a possible way of downloading a video graphics card?? some people got it and they play the sims3 on theRE Acer Aspire one??????? plz answer back soon im dying for an ANSWER!! :(

e-mailed photos

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I have an 2 year old Aspire one netbook running linux. When I bought it I could open e-mailed photos perfectly but recently it has stopped opening any photos. It says they are downloaded but then disappear and can't be viewed. Any ideas why this is happening?

My aspire one turns sleeps when i plug and unplug the charger

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Ive had this aspire one for 5 months now and i recently put linux on it, and ever since every time i plug or unplug it to the charge cable it goes to sleep.has this happened to anyone? how can i fix it?


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then again the osp you put on it probably dose not support the battery so i gess if u try the osp it had on it see if the battery is better if so then the osp u put on it will probably be not compatible will your computer hope u have some luck


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hey well i have one of theose but never seen that

Desktop background

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Hi I am using Acer labtop I want to change background desktop picture for google chrome programe how can I do it please


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if it an aspire one u will not be able to put one on there


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i just bought an acer aspire and everytime i try to download something or save a file it won't let me at all... it says the access is denied! can someone please help me

aspire one notebook external charger

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Hi, is it possible to get an external battery charger for an acer aspire one notebook.It no longer charges even after the teck people looked at it but the system works great battery is down to last hour!!hanks for your help

internet will not work

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when i turn on my laptop it does not show my internet connection and when i click on settings then network connection but it never opens so i can't go on the internet and the internet will never load its just blank!!!

I had the same problem. I

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I had the same problem. I tried restoring the o/s from the restore partition but that didn't come up. In the end, I restored the o/s from the DVD and that fixed the problem (although it means reloading all of my tweaks).

Browser, problems, need help A.S.A.P

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Hi, ive had my acer for just under a year now, but as youtube have decided (in all their wisdom) to force me to update my browser if i want to visit their website i face a problem. the problem is that i can't change browser, their is nothing at all that i can do, ive checked everywhere and have found nothing, what do you suggest?

Regards, Dibbers


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hi there, i hope this could solve your problem...just follow the steps listed on the site.... it solved mine for my aspire one....


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i have the same problem as you and it also wont let me go on myspace if you find out how to help could you let me know many thanks charlotte xxxx

hey have you found a way

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hey have you found a way round this yet

how to changing the flamish acer one netbook program to frencjh?

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i have got one "second-hand" acer aspire one netbook, with linux - fedora programm - but : she speaks flamish!!! we hawe got some problems to understand as, - how i can please - please change easyly the flamish programm to french?

My Netbook won't open any

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My Netbook won't open any files whatsoever. Can anyone help?

if you create a file with the

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if you create a file with the word processor and save it will it not reopen that ? can you see files in file manager ?

Can you download Sims3 on ANY

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Can you download Sims3 on ANY netbooks? These netbooks sound awesome but I really wanna be able to play Sims3. PLEASE let me no if there are any other netbooks that I would be able to download Sims3 on!!!

SIMS needs 2 GHz processor

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A netbook doesn't have the CPU power for SIMS 3.

Acer Aspire One

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Looking at an Aspire One for my partner....does it have a modem or do i need to get an external one (to connect to dial up at home)? can anyone tell me? thanks.

no modem on this one

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The one in my hand does not have a modem. I don't believe any do, but you should check specific specs at Acer or retailer web site to be clear.

A USB modem would be an option, there's no PCMCIA slot.


ok I have an interesting

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ok I have an interesting problem
have the linux aspire one thingy and everytime I go on connect it opens the browser but no actual pages load, all the other things are here like toolbars, but it doesn't actually load the page even when I tried the search bar, the search goes in i click enter (like but the actual page doesnt show, any idea's?

does it have a network connection ?

PhilT's picture

is this a browser only problem or does email / instant messaging etc not work either

firefox isn't working.

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My firefox browser isn't launching at all anymore. Email still works so I know it isn't a connection problem.

What other browser can I use? Also how do I remove the firefox browser from the acer one (linpus lite OS)?

I had the same problem on my desktop with a XP OS. I removed firefox, then downloaded it again and installed it again but it didn't resolve the problem. Neither computer had any connection problems. I was able to use explorer on the desktop comp and switched to google chrome, which is looking like a nice browser but I didn't see the linpus lite listed for google chrome just Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE.

Any help would be appreciated.


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i don't understand how to download skype on my acer one then i don't know how to open it.....can someone please help


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hi, try this site to install skype....

Installing skype

Eddie Wade's picture

Thanks very Marvin much. It worked fine

3 dongle onto acer netbook??

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Hi, I'm trying to load a 3 mobile internet dongle onto an acer aspire one netbbook. It's worked fine on my dell laptop but with this, the connect option doesn't come up. It comes up with the 3 file manager but won't let me run any of the options!Please help x

Aspire One

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I have had no problems with my aspire one since I installed ubuntu (netbook remix or desktop). I cannot wait for the upcoming ubuntu light.

what OS

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is the Acer running Linpus (linux) OS or something else ? the Dell I guess is Windows ??

Previously typed

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Say you have a facebook or a myspace or something right ? How do you change your computer setting so that if your typing in an email it will pop up in a drop down box from where you've previously typed it in ?

Please help me this is really irritating

help with acer asire 1 netbook to replace for windows 7

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Hi i have a acer aspire 1 netbook that runs on linux from new, I would like now to put windows 7 on it ,wich i have a windows 7 cd, But can anyone help me with how i can find all the correct drivers etc etc for the motherboard webcam graphics etc etc to run the netbook with no problems...I assume there must be drivers somewere for the acer 1.....Please help as i really could do with doing this asap...I do still have the rescue cd that came with the netbook so could i find what i want on that to use for windows 7 or with it been linux is it not that easy......

Win7 on Acer Aspire One D150

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I put Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire One D150 as soon as it shipped.
Unfortunately, the Acer does not have an optical drive of any type, so I followed the directions provided by Microsoft for installing via the USB port:

This worked perfectly for me. It is MUCH faster than the Windows XP that came on the PC, and there were ZERO drivers required that were not part of the Windows 7 install. Wireless, camera, mouse, all worked out of the box.

i am trying to email acer and

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i am trying to email acer and i can not find an email address for customer support

they have a special section

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they have a special section for aspire one netbooks i guess that means they come with a lot of issues hehe but there is a link in the main page i think and then you make your question there and they have the stuff for common issues or u can send it for them to fix it for free [if ur still on the warranty time]


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When I started up my new Acer one it asked me to input a password. I have forgotten this password and now when I try downloading programees (skype for example) it asks for my password. Is there a way of finding/over-riding or downloading without this password. I presume the password is to do with Linux.



MINE WAS 000000 (6 ZEROS)6

want to use t-mobile usb internet stick on a acer asp. one linux

peter van wijngaarden's picture

i try to put on a usb stick for mobile internet of the company T-Mobile
it is a stick for umts/hpsda/g3 networks and working fine on windows,

but i want to instal it on my nice little laptop acer aspire 0ne 110 linux lite version
when i put the stick he see it direct, and open it like a usb memory stick, (when i put this stick in a windows or mac version, the stick will install his self and after 4 minutes it is allready working for internet) but how must i install this one on linux, it on opened like a memory stick with data...
what must i do or what kind of software.
i allready updatet linux version and by connections on the linux on the acer one, is now one icon 3G but when i click this and have put in internet stick nothing is happening.... need help with this
greetings and thankx

Go to acers site and they

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Go to acers site and they have a download for a 3g internet stick. See what one it is and get that type of stick that way you will know it works.

Hi i have a question does the

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Hi i have a question does the acer aspire one take the sims 3 pc game i bought a dvd external drive does the mini laptop take the game

Acer & The Sims 3

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Nope, it won't play. I've tried. The problem isn't the lack of CD/DVD Rom the problem is the graphics card. For The Sims 3 to run it requires a graphics card with Pixel Shader 2.0 or later which the Acer does not have unfortunately & you can't upgrade the Graphics Card in an Acer.

I am going out this weekend to buy a new Graphics Card for my desktop so I can play TS3

the sims 2

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what about the sims two. is there a way to get it on the acer.

ive got an acer aspire one

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ive got one thats one 160 gig hard drive 1.5 gig of memory ive had no problems and yes i waited to buy it it wqas 280$ its aq vary good mechine for the price but windows 7 is gonna make it crapy i fear

acer aspire1

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my acer is 7 months old, everything is working fine apart from the a/c adapter, i have had to replace it for a new one but since then it does not charge the battery so has to be plugged in all the time. When i use it now the a/c point clicks and turns the notebook off this means we can't move the notebook as it will turn itself off again,it does bootup again but this is very frustrating, should i send it back seeing its not that old? any help would be great.

I know this sounds crazy, but

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I know this sounds crazy, but two of us here in the office have this Acer, and sometimes when the battery doesn't charge, plugging into a different power outlet fixes the problem. It makes absolutely no sense to me, but it works for both of us. Strange, eh?

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acer aspire battery charger

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I had same problem and sent mine back and it was repaired and returned promptly. Contact your supplier not Acer. I am in the UK so it depends on legislation where you bought the netbook. you could approach acer but they told me that only 6month warranty on battery so tell them it is the charger.
Tip avoid leaving plugged in for long periods.