Play Windows Games on Linux

Linux Journal Gadget Guy Shawn Powers walks you through how to play Windows games on Linux.

Some of the links Shawn mentioned in the video:


Crossover Games (cxgames)

Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator)

Wine Doors
Wine Doors is an open source Linux application designed to help
install a wide variety of Windows software using Wine. While it
didn't always work as expected, the interface and ease of use makes it
worth checking out!

Play On Linux
Play on Linux, while still free, takes a slightly different approach,
and creates a "hard drive" for each game you install. It automates
the setup process, and like Wine Doors, installs Windows applications
on Linux.

IEs 4 Linux
IEs 4 Linux isn't really a game installer at all. If all you desire,
however, is to have a version of Internet Explorer running in Linux
(for proprietary websites, code testing, or just plain masochism), it
makes the process VERY easy.


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Great info

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I am a long time Linux user at my work and I use WinXP to play games. I have heard of wine but never got to try it until I stumbled on this web site on my lunch break. This is incredible, I got my favorite win-games to play on my Linux box. Your video on this page convinced me to try wine and my winxp is now history! Awesome site!

Can't play Flatout2 with wine

Anonymous's picture

There are a lot of videos on Youtube that show Flatout2 plays very well on Linux with wine. But I am not able to get it work. The game installs fine. Then, when I start it don't start GUI, and when I try to start it from terminal, it says: Failed to load database /data/Database/FlatOut2.db. I reinstalled my system, wine and everything, but it hasn't worked so far. I have Ubuntu 8.10 - kernel:; Intel C2D E6850 (3 GHz) Nvidia 8800GTS 320 MB

Any help would be appreciated

what is games like to play

Anonymous's picture

what is games like to play on Linux?????

ask favour

Rendra's picture

Hi my name is Rendra from Jakarta - Indonesia

I often play win games and had try on linux (ubuntu) for many times, it's more help than not but maybe the developer of wine, cedega etc can do better improvement for their application.

1. WINE can do better than cedega n crossover to play win games n very simple just click "open with". Not same eith cedega or crossover there are many instructions to do. It will be difficult step for new comer.

2. Some Games like duke nukem manhattan, world of warcraft play well but some like quake4, c&c it's difficult to run under linux.

3. WINE, Cedega n Crossover cannot play "online win-games" it stuck with warning "error gameguard" (some kind game hack protection), and comes with variable warning about firewall message (I don't turn my firestarter on at all) very confuse me.

Please help me n other to get linux on the top expecially about game stuff



Thanks for article, its

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for article, its really great




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If you want to play the latest games on Linux you should look at

Linux Format in the UK just gave them 8/10
in the Mat 2008 issue

You can use it to stream games like Crysis, WOW, COD4 etc to x86 and even ppc64 platforms. You can even stream games to Yellow Dog Linux on your PS3

A different approach to WINE,(which i also use. Both work really well.



Shawn Powers's picture

That's an interesting looking concept. I think I might have to try it out. I haven't had a chance to look at pricing, but I'm curious what kind of performance you get while playing...

Looks like I'm going to have to play more games. You know, for educational purposes. :o)

Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.

Cedega don't replay well

Silver's picture

Cedega don't replay well videofiles that are inside of the games, example: Vice City San andreas, but the game runs faster than Winshit XPloit., and the patch work well too (WTF with the f*ckings RIAA)



Leslie Viljoen's picture

Before spending money, be aware that Cedega has a poor support track record, as can be seen from their forums. Cedega also does not seem to work with graphics cards other than NVidia and ATI. My Intel 945GM doesn't work, for example, though it works quite well with WINE.

Also, your CAPTCHA is very hard for humans as well as computers, which can be extremely frustrating! (this is the fifth time)

Seriously - if you are

Shane's picture

Seriously - if you are playing games - you should be using ATI or NVIDIA - LMAO @ intel on board graphics!

Thanks for video... CAPTCHA

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Thanks for video...

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