Mastering IPTables, Final Installment


This final installment of the IPTables tutorial details the paths that packets take along the chains, and presents some useful code snippets that should go in almost any firewall script.


Final firewall script:


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Very Good Intro to Iptables

Anonymous's picture


I Have enyoy your serie, good explaining the operation of iptables.

Juan Carlos

blocking input from certain IPaddresses

Roland's picture

I run a mini-webserver on behind a Linksys router.
This series didn't explain how I can block certain IPaddresses that
abuse that server. I ran 'sudo /sbin/iptables -L' and couldn't figure
out the mess. I use ufw under Kubuntu, but it doesn't allow a table-based
configuration, which is a PITA because the order of these rules is
important. Is there a simple line I can add to this script that would
block incoming access from a certain IPaddress?

Hardly "Mastering"

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This series would be MUCH more appropriately named "an intro to IPTABLES"