Making a Crossover Cable from Scratch

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

Download in .ogv format


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No longer needed on modern hw

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Of course, any patch cable will do between GigE adapters. No need for a crossover.


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The video is nice, and the instructions are very clear, only the camera focused most of the time on the table surface, instead of cables.


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I know, I just had my Flip camera with me -- it's fixed focus, and not really good at fixing the focus. :)

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Crossover cable- that sounds

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Crossover cable- that sounds handy. Now that I know how to make one another video showing how to use it would be excellent!!!

flash video and ogv download.

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I love these tips. Shawn keep up the good work.

I know it is almost a defacto standard, but I can't watch flash video at work (blocked).
Btw I'm not a big flash fan.

Could you also provide the ogv download as you used to do before?
That way I can download the file and view it with vlc.