Linux Journal Live - December 4, 2008


The December 4, 2008 Linux Journal Live!. Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin take your Linux Questions.

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV


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I do like your videos and love the Mag.

TecnicoDPC's picture

Keep up the grate work. I am still learning how to use Linux, your videos and the mag i am reading help me alot. I have my PCs and laptops with Dual Boot, and find myself mostly with UBUNTU 8.10 . it's a proses by i love leaning Linux. It was a pitty for me not seeing your videos on the holydays, but it's the holydays. Forgive my spelling, i try hard to learn.

YT: Tech

err flash?

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why flash is used here? there are enough free alternatives...


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Seriously guys? Is this site and mag going to be a complete waste of resources and time?

Can some of you linux "gurus" config the webserver correctly?

Yes, yes, we know "It works"...

I'm not shelling out $30 for a tech mag from people who do videos like this and can't config apache correctly.