Installing Adobe AIR and AIR based applications

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How install the AIR runtime and install AIR applications.

Download in .ogv format


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air works on 64-bit

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AIR works on 64-bit linux (though not officially but using 32-bit lib installation workarounds). Next version might support 64-bit native installation though.

so if its Ubuntu 64-bit:
read here for complete installation help:
if its FC10 64-bit
This page might help you:
else (some other 64-bit OS):
read here for help:
or for more information read here:


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nice post..but im not interesting to use linux now.. maybe someday..

Ubuntu shows its worst

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Well. This is quite embarrassing for Linux. Why do u have to set the eXecutable bit and to run the terminal, change the directory and execute the binary instead of simple double-click on it? Linux will never spread to people with behaviour like this.

Adobe Air

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Hello Shawn,

Does Adobe Air Linux is for 32-bit machine or it can be installed in a 64-bit also?


Yes... sort of :)

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AIR does not support 64-bit natively, but it should still run ok if you install the required 32-bit packages. See this Adobe blog entry for more info:

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You know...

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You know I'm not sure. I don't have a 64bit machine to test with, so hopefully someone else in the "know" will have an answer...

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