A GUI for ffmpeg

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How to install WinFF, a graphical user interface for ffmpeg with an unfortunate name.

Download in .ogv format


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Great Tip!

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I recently tweeted about having trouble mastering ffmpeg and Shawn suggested winff. I occasionally record over-the-air HD programs using a Hauppauge HVR-950 and then burn them to a DVD. Sometimes MythTV can handle the files (3 GB per half hour, by the way!) but sometimes it can not (don't know why). By using ffmpeg I can first transcode those big files to 720x480 ntsc format, which MythTV handles nicely. Winff makes the transcoding step a snap, with just a few clicks, and saves lots of command line typing (such as ffmpeg -i /media/disk/MyVideos/bbt-apr-13.mpg ... and on and on) and trying to remember the path to and name of the input file.

By the way, last month's LJ had a great article on converting 8mm film video to DVD, and included this gem of a link for those wanting to know a bit more about ffmpeg:


(By the way, I got the HVR-950 working thanks to another article in LJ.)

Thanks Shawn and LJ!

Wrong Link?

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I think your link points to the wrong video. The one I downloaded talked about "free" instead of winff.


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thanks for pointing it out.

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit


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Every file who is generated with ffmpeg can be played with "ffplay", who is part of the ffmpeg package