Customized Bash Prompts with the PS1 Variable

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Download in .ogv format


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I can't get it to remember

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I can't get it to remember the variable!

Best bash prompt

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\w `if [ $? = 0 ]; then echo :\\); else echo :\\(; fi`

Sets your prompt to a smiley if the last command succeeded.

Sets a frowny if the previous command's return code is anything other than 0

~ :) true
~ :) false
~ :( true
~ :)

How about including the link?

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Suggestion for tutorial...

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How about a demo/tutorial on changing the title bar on an Xterm window. Perhaps with pointers to documentation and settings that can be used.
This would be useful if you have serveral windows open on various servers and need to identify them quickly.

The best Bash prompt?

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Use your favourite search engine to look for smiley bash prompt.