Autostarting Programs in KDE 4

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Shawn Powers shows you how to automatically start programs in KDE 4.


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Screencast software

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Hi all,
thanks for the video.
Which screencast software did you use ?

It varies

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recordmydesktop (and its gtk GUI) seems to be the most stable for me, although I like the features and quality of xvidcap better. Unfortunately the latter tends to crash for me more often.

I've also been known to capture with my Mac using SnapXPro. Yes, I realize that makes me evil -- but I use what I have available. :)

Shawn Powers is a Linux Journal Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC, Twitter, or training IT pros at CBT Nuggets.

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Multiple Desktops?

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So how do you get your program to start on the correct desktop? Auto-starting my usual crop of programs all on one desktop would be quite frustrating, I'd have to shuffle four of them off to their own desktops once they were running.

3.5 remembers what I had running last session and which desktop it was on.

Positioning applications

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You control that within each application. Autostart should not make a difference really. It should start the applications the way you have configured:

- Start the Application you want to control
- Right click on the window-decoration
- Select Advanced
- Pick Applications settings or Window settings

You can position your app pixel perfect on any virtual desktop (I don't have dualscreen at the moment, so I can't tell if you can decide which monitor).
There are many other controls there as well.

(Tip: if you - like me prefer specifi apps utilising max usable size - write down the coordinates and enter them into other apps on other desktops. It makes it consistent.)

These settings will become available in KDE controlpanel - Window behaviour - Window specific settings - thus all will be listed there.
Under Window behaviour you can set up behaviour settings common for all windows.


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This is why I love the Linux community. Thank you, Omaha, you rock.

Shawn Powers is a Linux Journal Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC, Twitter, or training IT pros at CBT Nuggets.

Linux Community

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Great video ;)

Being a minor part of the Linux community is a true pleasure and indeed an honour :)

I'm not a KDE 4 expert, but for anyone changing desktop environment within or between OS'es it is a good thing to spend some time getting to know the new environment. If one doesn't do that there's no reason to complain whatsoever. I've been using KDE 4 since 4.0.65, first in dualboot to get aquantained, then I moved permanently with KDE 4 as the only DE with 4.0.86 (KDE 4.1beta). The transistion has indeed been a good experience. Mostly thanks to the ever improving quality of KDE 4 and the impementeation done by my distro, but also due to putting in som effort to learn.

Having followed quite a few KDE 4 debates it is quite evident to me that CyberCynic & Co has reached their level of incompetence by ignoring basic requirements for writers that publish:

They should continue learning and get to know the subject they are writing about. In fact they should know far more about it than their readers.

That's evidently not the case and that's why such writers are not assets to the Linux community. Those writers should also keep what they may or may not like out of the equation. Preference is a different issue, and using "I don't like it" or I don't get it" on basis of "I didn't make the effort to learn and understand it"
makes them irrelevant even when some points are bull's eye.

I'm 100% confident (doesn't mean that I'm right though) that the usage of KDE 4.2 will explode when it arrives as default in distros, and it will become the reference that any other DE in any OS will be measured against. It IS that good, and this is only the beginning. Now the focus will change a bit towards applications and collaborative features i presume. The critical issue for KDE 4 is how it's implemented into the distros. It is VERY important to pick a distro that works well.


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I told you I could use KDE too. :)

Shawn Powers is a Linux Journal Associate Editor. You might find him on IRC, Twitter, or training IT pros at CBT Nuggets.