Auto-launching Programs on Startup

Shawn Powers shows you how to automatically launch a program at startup.


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Love the simplicity. Got it done in no time. Thanks a lot.

u could have written

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u could have written auto-launching program on linux startup
why to write ubuntu...??????????????????

the real question is...

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why to use so many question marks? LOL passionate... i'll give you that much.

My Guess..

Shawn Powers's picture

In the video I don't mention Ubuntu -- my suspicion is the subject line was because so many new Ubuntu users search for tips like that. (Ubuntu is a very popular search term)

Again, just my suspicion. :)

Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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You should really have a tutorial on how to install the Gnome Slab menu and show everyone how to rid themselves of that 1995 style gnome menu. Then when they see a program that they wanted to add to their startup they could just right click the icon and select "Add to start up" from the context menu...what a concept. Or when they didn't want a program to start on login anymore they could just right click the icon and select "Remove from startup" from the context menu...No typing paths or having to know the real name of an executable. Novell invested tens of thousands of dollars running usability studies for the Gnome project and gave all of their data back to the community years ago and because it came from Novell everyone summarily disregards it...Not invented here...Meanwhile the KDE project is plowing ahead and now even being emulated by Microsoft (seen the interface on Windows 7 beta?).

video quality?

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Truly pictures are worth a thousand words, these videos are good. Any chance you can sharpen them a bit, because they're pretty fuzzy. I'm pretty sure it's not my eyes since the rest of the page is sharp :)

Not Ubuntu specific

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Actually that video shows nothing ubuntu specific at all. It works exactly the same way on every damn distro.

Hey, it's even easier than

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Hey, it's even easier than that isn't it? I've never had to type in, or browse to locate, the entire path to the program, I just type for example 'checkgmail' and it works.