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David A. Lane, KG4GIY

Systems Architect
Open Source project(s) I'm involved with or passionate about: 
Amateur Radio

Born in Toronto, Canada, David started with SlackWare back in the early 1990s, picked up the O'Reilly distribution of what was one of the first commercial Red Hat distributions and the rest is history. Since then, he has integrated Linux into NetWare, Windows and Unix environments and vice versa, working from single monster machines to purpose built systems from clustered web services to DNS to basic file and print.

Lately he has been focusing on Red Hat and Fedora based distributions. You will not find him on Facebook and he has not tweeted in more than six months. You will find him in the #linuxjournal channel during the week and he shares his thoughts on the world of Open Source, especially the challenges of the heterogenous environment on the Linux Journal web site.