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Extend size of swap space

You installed a new Linux system, but forgot to set enough swap space for your needs. Do you need to repartition and reinstall? No, the swap utilities on Linux allow you to make a real file and use it as swap pace. more>>

dd image and how to ... is more a question???-

Hallo every body!!! Well there is where i'm in troubel... The begin: "I read Kyle Rakin's colum about this moths Lightning hacks strike twice, my interes was focus on the dd image over ssh" before this I've heard about dd but I didn't know how wonderfull (and powerfull) it is. Next step-the do: I start make a hole dd over my disk to a image file... more>>

Looking up the Spelling of a Word

To get the Spelling of a Word.

$ look

so the following will list all words that start with

$look ask Ask Askari Askelon Askja Asklepios Askov Askr Askwith

It helps to have a large "linuxwords" dictionary.

Note: vim users can setup the .vimrc file with the following. Now when you type CTL-X CTL-T in insert mode, you'll get a thesaurus lookup. more>>

Make a file unrecoverable

You have a file "test".The following command makes it so no one can read it.If the file was 12 bytes, it's now 4096 after it has been over written 100 times. There's no way to recover this.

$ shred -n 100 -z test

Want to remove the file? Use the "u" option.

$ shred -n 100 -z -u test

It can be applied to a device also For more pls visit

mod_gzip is not configure on redhat5

I have redhat5 and default httpd packeges. I want to install mod_gzip on redhat5. I have mod_gzip- packege. I have already set the path apxs. whixh apxs command are showing /usr/sbin/apxs. Then I have run the command in mod_gzip- folder # make APXS=/usr/sbin/apxs then show the error more>>

Virtualization Growth

Hi All,

What can we image with Virtualization, in current situation?

Does SOHO and SMB industry will get benefits from this technology, or still they need to go for new hardware and support. more>>

64-bit Green PC

Hey folks!

A few weeks ago, I built myself a brand new machine. I wanted something 64bit and low powered that could act as a VMware or other virtualization server if necessary. I also wanted it relatively cheap. more>>

No pine on CentOS?

This is a trick I call "Pine Cent". CentOS doesn't come with Pine installed, so if you want a text based mailer, you're stuck with "mail".

So here's what I do on all my CentOS servers:

(in bash):

# alias pine=mutt

(in tcsh):

> alias pine mutt more>>

Save authentication on server

Most of us have to log on to a server while working on a project in our day to day life. It is annoying to open multiple terminals and enter password for each log in. So, how about authenticating your local machine permanently to your server login and eliminate entering password for ssh, scp etc. perform 2 easy steps on your local machine and your goal is achieved: more>>

Advanced File Recovery

So, a few weeks ago, someone made the mistake of upgrading a computer to Windows Vista from Windows XP. Besides the 8-hour upgrade process headache (what was it doing?), it also left the machine unusable. This person ended up reinstalling Windows XP and also installing Ubuntu. After the whole process was over, this person claimed to have lost important files. Excellent :-) more>>

Seeing InfraRed

In short, if you are wondering if an InfraRed device is working, you can actually see InfraRed using a digital camera. It even works with a low caliber cell phone digital camera. more>>

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