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user callback requirement from kernel mode

Hi, I have a requirement to use a freeware linux user mode library for data processing. The input data is purely in kernel space and we are finding it very difficult to port whole freeware community based project to build under linux kernel build system !

So normally the requirement is to make a callback from kernel to user mode, call user mode lib and let it process input data more>>

How to deploy .deb packages into kernel monolithically

Good day, citizens.

Development Distro(s): Debian 5.0 Lenny, Ubuntu Lucid 10.4 Target kernel: 2.6.3x Kernel build methods:

Debian: command line using make method directives

Ubuntu: Ubuntu Customization Kit more>>

How to schedule fairness across users, not tasks

The Linux scheduler repeatedly switches between all the running tasks on the system, attempting to give a fair amount of CPU time to each task, favoring interactive tasks. How to scheduling discipline to maintain fairness across users, not tasks. more>>


HAProxy is a Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer....i am busy with the installation of HAProxy but i got stuck with the configurations,i tried thm and they never work can somebody help me with the configuration of HAProxy.....thanks in advance

Change in GRUB menu.lst does not take effect

I'm working on a system (Ubuntu 9.04) which has RAID 10 on 6x1TB disks. Over this there is a LVM setup. I needed to install a new kernel on this system and everything went smoothly. I updated the /boot/grub/menu.lst file to boot with the new kernel.

However, while booting, the newly installed kernel is not seen in the list and the system still boots with the old kernel. more>>

Query about "Function call interrupts" entry in /proc/interrupts file

Hi all,

In the /proc/interrupts file, there is one entry called the Function call interrupts. Can anyone please explain to me how this interrupt is generated or what it does? Thanks!

$ cat /proc/interrupts

CPU0 CPU1 0: 7555 0 IO-APIC-edge timer 1: 2 0 IO-APIC-edge i8042 more>>

non cached memory for user space DMA

I am trying to write a MAC driver for Arm 11 MPcore in 2.6.23. The DMA'ble memory required is supposed to be non-cached for performance reasons.

A chunk of memory(~ 6MB) is allocated at startup using bigphys area patch. This physical area in the RAM is mmap'd to userspace as follows and thereafter carved into network buffers:

fd = open("/dev/mem", O_RDWR|O_SYNC); more>>

help for Memory mapped mode compact Flash driver in linux


I am having an embedded system using Compact Flash device. I am trying to figure out what is the right driver to access the CF.

The HW configuration is as following: The CF is connected directly to MPC8250 CPU (PowerQUICC II, Freescale), via (60x bus). It is connected in Memory mapped Mode, with 16-bit data lines interface. more>>

Se && PAE(Phisical...)

hi i am new to Linux Journal as i had upgraded elx kernel-2.4.xx->2.6.22(what a speed on 256MB RAM) and on menuconfig i watched Selinux and PAE(physical address extension) can any one tell me what is both the thing PAE and SE linux(Please Answer me in a way so that 17 year old boy can understand like me)


linux system recovery after overriding connect() by ""

dear fellows;

i have used file to override connect() function, dynamic library overriding, it did worked really fine ......

but i went on to struck in a situation ... within the overrided connect() i have used printf once to see IP and Port to whom the connect request is being more>>

2.6.13 char driver not working on 2.6.22

Hello kernel gurus.

I have a char driver module that has been working fine under 2.6.13. It is a PCI card for a Heidenhaim rotational encoder. I am now moving to 2.6.22 and it no longer works. In order to get it to build I changed exactly one line:

I changed this:

rc = pci_module_init(&ik220_driver);

to this:

rc = pci_register_driver(&ik220_driver); more>>

mmap'd physical memory not updating user virtual

I am writing a user space MAC driver in Linux 2.6.23 hosted on a Arm11 mpcore. A contiguous block of physical memory is allocated and mmap'd to userspace.

/dev/mem with O_SYNC flag is used to mmap so that the user virtual memory is uncached (with no much benefit).

Kernel ------ kptr = kmalloc(sz, GFP_DMA|GFP_KERNEL); pptr = __pa(kptr);

User ---- more>>

dual boot with suse n rehhat

Hi all,

I goal is to install suse 10 and RHEL 5 on different LUNs, and in the bootloader i need to get option to switch.I have installed SUSE in LUN 0 successfully completed the installation it came up.For the second OS ie.RHEL i changed the boot sequnce in BIOS to LUN 1 and installed (with out boot loader) succesfully....I went to /boot/grub/menu.lst and added the the new OS to the grub like more>>

Kernel not booting from grub.conf

HI All,

I have a New 64bit fedora 10 remote dedicated box from Hosting Company. I have updated its kernel from to more>>

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