Tomorrow’s Tech Today: HTML 5 by Scott Davis at GIDS 2011

As software engineers, we take comfort in the idea of concrete specifications. As web developers, our hearts are either broken (frequently!), or we recognize the W3C's role is a delicate balance of leading the browser developers in new and exciting directions while, in their own words, "paving over the cow paths" of existing, de facto standards. more>>

Shape Your Enterprise for New Business Realities

Business Technology Summit 2010 – India's First, Largest and Single-most Inspirational Technology Show more>>

How to Convert HD M2TS to DVD?

M2TS Converter is a unique m2ts video converter, which is able to convert m2ts files to popular and common formats. The m2ts video converter has an intuitive interface with all function buttons there. Once click and activate the m2ts converter program, the task to convert m2ts files is no problem at all. more>>

Convert and import m2ts video to divx player on Mac

m2ts video that recoded from AVCHD camcorder like Sony XR 520, Panasonic HDC-SD 10, Canon VIXIA HF10 etc is not widely compatible with many multimedia device. Divx is a media container formats that extended from AVI and container for MPEG-4 Part 2-compliant video, can be widely accepted by Blackberry etc video player. more>>

Adding libs in Eclipse CDT

Do I need to add libs when I use sys.socket.h?

Cause in Win23 I need to add the sock2 libs.

Is it difficult to programme networking protocols?

I'm looking at protocols like the Aloha protocol at the MAC level. How hard is it to programme such protocols (lets say in C language) for real life working devices.

where can i learn such low level programming? Does C language have special methods/classes/functions that would help programme MAC layer protocols?

Need some help with the sed command

Alright here is what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to use the sed command to sort a field so it comes out like lastname firstname

so say if I have something like this

Bugs Bunny:603-479-5498:12/9/09/:20300

and I want it to come out like this

Bunny Bugs:603-479-5498:12/9/09/:20300 more>>

Network Interfaces

Hi everybody! Is there anyone that knows how can I detect the network hardware installed on the computer? For instance, if the machine has a Ethernet board installed, the program can detect it; if the computer has xDSL hardware installed, the program can diagnose it; And so on for other kinds of network interfaces. What the API that I can study to accomplish this task? Any help is useful. more>>

How do i get the unique information about the external USB devices in Embedded Linux?

HI All,

I need to check the connected USB device is as same as the previously connected or not. Hence i need to get the unique information about the Connected devices in my program(C langauge) How do i do? Please help me in this regard.

wget question

I will like to get a list of the files in the directory of an ftp site. can I use wget to do it?

if yes, the how?

any other method that I can easily implement in bash script is welcome also.


cgi implementation on unix

Hi there,

i read one article on this site and was really impressed by the way things were explained. so gr8 job ! :)

i am currently facing a problem in cgi implementation of a unix executable using tomcat.

i create a folder structure webapps-->test-->WEB-INF-->cgi + web.xml. this cgi folder has the unix executable called demo.

the web.xml looks like this : more>>

Check this out - Videos on how to protect your website against hackers


Thank you for checking out this thread.

I'm working on some killer videos right now that will explain in detail how you can protect your website against hackers. The first part of the video series is live right now and it covers Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Go ahead and check them out right now: more>>

How to open the default web browser from in C?


We're planning on switching to using HTML help for some of our software ...but I don't know how to open a web browser from within an application. Here's the particulars and the challenge: more>>

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