My own Hardware Appliance

hi ! Since last year i have successfully installed Proxmox and Endian UTM and Zimbra. A full e-mail, firewall and virtualization solutions for some clients.

I would like to go further and provide them with a Hardware appliance. I have checked sites like


but would like to know your oppinion into building my own Intel compatible Linux hardware appliance. more>>

Atmel SAM3S4C Evaluation board

I would like to share a new embest evaluation board which provide by Embest.

EB-SAM3S4C Evaluation board more>>

Article on KVM - hopes dashed

My hopes were raised and quickly dashed after realizing that this months (Jan 2011) article about KVMs were about the Kernel Virtual Machine. I was hoping for iKVM type of article or a KVM switch over ethernet that can control a Linux, Windows, or Mac machine from the boot sequence. It would be nice to see Linux controlling other operating systems remotely. more>>

NXP LPC3250 based Developer's Kit

Embest DevKit3250 Evaluation Board is deisgned based on Mini3250 processor card using NXP's LPC3250 microprocessor which is built around a 90-nm, 266MHz ARM926EJ-S CPU core and a Vector Floating Point (VFP) coprocessor, designed for applications that require high performance, high integration, and low power consumption. more>>

Low-cost Single Board Computer based on Atmel AT91SAM9261S Microcontroller

Hello everyone,

Embest SBC6000X is an embedded single board computer using Atmel’s AT91SAM9261S microprocessor with low power and high reliability. The board is a compact board with various peripheral interfaces including USB Host/Device, Ethernet, LCD/Touch Screen, Serial ports, Keyboard, Audio, SPI, SD and BUS. It features an extended precise RTC and RS485 with isolation. more>>

My Hp P3005 Laser printer gives me 49FF04 and fuser error

Greetings to everyone in the forum, Hp P3005 Laser printer gives 49FF04 error message and 50.2 fuser unit problems. I open my printer, It doesn't receive tray paper. If you give this issue information about my broken piece, on fuser film is torn inside, deformed lower sleeved roller Worn bushing. I will buy a company this spare part on I want to fix my own printer. more>>

cheap kvm over ip

Hi i need a cheap kvm over ip for manage a small linux server, does anybody know a cheap solution like kvm over ip for a single computer?

I need to manage the server remotly.

Pardon me for my bad english.


USB / IR port controll

Does anyone know how to control (read/write) to the USB or IR port?

Configuration of Modem connected to serial port ttyS0

Please help to connect the GSM modem though COM port. Also to issue AT commands to the modem.

need to configure sound after every boot-up

I have a laptop with Sound driver (HaHa) with OS ELX BizDesk 4.0(with linux-2.6.22 i had upgraded) Driver module: -snd-intel8x0

Problem every time need to enter lines on Bash:- modprobe snd-intel8x0 modprobe snd-seq-oss modprobe snd-pcm-oss alsamixer (Oh why sound keep muted (sounds on and increasin too via Master,PCM tags)) more>>

Putting a retired appliances to work.

Part of my load balancer farm was made obsolete when the vendor (Juniper) announced retirement of the DX product line. The product line was acquired from Redline Networks and retired fairly quickly. more>>

VAIO CR353 --RHEL installation

while installing the RHEL 5 on my laptop (Vaio VGN-CR353), the graphics mode does not work and the installation takes place only in text mode with the error message "Failed to start the X server". as per i figured it out it was a problem related with the graphics card-ATI Mobility Radeon X2300. I downloaded some driver i got on the web but couldn't figure out a way of installing the same. more>>

potential cult computer, the zpc-GX31

Laptops have been the bane of my computing life, not much to upgrade, too complex to fix myself, too tight and fragile. Desktops are just too big, but I like the amenities. more>>

What kingd of rig Are you running

I was curious to know what king of set up my fellow Linux Journal Readers are running.

Here Is the Spece for my Home Network

Prudent ( Hp Pavillion a6230n (Ubuntu 8.04))

Physical Memory ( Ram ) 3.25GB

SDA: 400 gb Western Digital

SDB 300gb Western Digital

On oarsd Video NVidia GeForce 6150 SE

Network Card 3com 3c905b

Evga Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS 256 MB on board memory more>>

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