Beachhead - Navigating by the Sun

Lowest TCO for sale to highest bidder. more>>

The Ultimate Linux Home

The LinuxMCE Project is a work in progress, promising finally to bring us the Home of the Future. more>>

/var/opinion - More Power to Linux

New digs means an opportunity for Linuxization of the home. more>>

Beachhead - Cool Change

Here are some ideas for cool projects; send us some of yours. more>>

If you're attending LinuxWorld, and would like to contribute to LJ, come meet with some Linux Journal editors and tell us your interests. We'll be at the XYZ Lounge at the W Hotel in San Francisco on August 7th from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. We're looking for new writers, reviewers and people interested in participating on a new reader advisory board. Hope to see you there!

PS. We'll have beer.

Cooking with Linux - Tonight's Menu: Diner's Choice!

The December 2006 Cooking with Linux marks seven years of Chez Marcel, its Linux Chef and François, his famous waiter. For this occasion, Marcel has invited some regular readers of the column to share their favorite issues and, of course, a glass or two (or three, or four) of wine. more>>

Cooking with Linux - Operating Your Body at Peak Performance

High-performance systems and high-performance software are often easier to come by than high-performance users. Perhaps it's because we all work too hard. It's time to take a break, because peak performance, strangely enough, requires a little rest and relaxation. more>>

Beachhead - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!

Separating the truth from fairy tales about pony tails. more>>

Beachhead - Sinking of the USS Proprietary

There isn't much to salvage from the sunken hulls of proprietary design. more>>

Best of Technical Support

Our experts answer your technical questions. more>>


Readers sound off. more>>
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