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Sven Vermeulen's SELinux Cookbook (Packt Publishing)

If you are a Linux system or service administrator and want to (wisely) burnish your SELinux skills, then Packt Publishing and tech author Sven Vermeulen have a book for you. It's called SELinux Cookbook, and it carries a breathless subtitle that sums it up better than any bumbling Linux journalist could: "Over 100 hands-on recipes to develop fully functional policies to confine your applications and users using SELinux". These policies can be custom to users' own needs, and users can build readable policy rules from them. Readers can learn further about the wide range of security controls that SELinux offers by customizing Web application confinement. Finally, readers will understand how some applications interact with the SELinux subsystem internally, ensuring that they can confront any challenge they face. Author Sven Vermeulen is the project lead of Gentoo Hardened's SELinux integration project and wrote Packt's SELinux System Administration book as well.

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