New Products

Bitwig Studio

Bitwig recently announced innovations complementary to Bitwig Studio, a dynamic software solution for music creation and performance to realize one's musical ideas at every stage of production. The first innovation is the new Community Controllers section of the application's Web site, which is dedicated to Bitwig Studio's capabilities for deep integration with just about any hardware controller. This integration is possible due to the Bitwig Open Conroller API, an open-source JavaScript platform allowing virtually anyone to create, share and collaborate on powerful controller scripts. A wide range of controllers already are available, ranging from those containing only a few knobs or buttons to elaborate keyboards with motorized faders, colored pads, rotary encoders with LEDs and color displays. A related innovation is the new Community Controllers Library, an archive of the latest controller scripts from the Bitwig Community. Bitwig users already have begun hacking, modifying and creating control scripts from scratch, collaborating with others and sharing their work. The two repositories are destined to open a wide range of new integration possibilities with Bitwig Studio.

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