New Products

SUSE's kGraft

SUSE opines that the differentiating factor in its new live, runtime patching solution for the Linux kernel, called kGraft, is its status as the only competing solution in the upstream Linux kernel. By extension, none of the other major Linux distributions provide updates this way. kGraft, developed by SUSE Labs, makes it easier for IT staff to install critical security and other patches without system downtime—the holy grail of uptime. The net benefit for enterprise Linux users is a significant enhancement of uptime in mission-critical environments. SUSE adds that although kGraft is, by choice, limited to replacing whole functions and constants they reference, this does not limit the set of code patches that can be applied significantly. kGraft will offer tools to assist in creating the live patch modules, identifying which functions need to be replaced based on a patch and creating the patch module source code.
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